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Posted by Jill T. on 5/15/03 at 08:35 (118815)

Hi All,

I'm a very lucky girl, my boyfriend bought a day at the day spa for my birthday. The package includes a massage and a pedicure. From trying to give myself a pedicure, I have noticed that my foot is very sensitive to water tempertures, touch, pumice stones, etc. Also my calf muscle is very sensitive to touch. I definitely plan on telling whomever performs both of these on me about my TTS. Is there any specific precautions I should take before getting the massage and pedicure?

As always, thanks for your help.

Re: massage

Pam S. on 5/15/03 at 13:10 (118857)

I am someone who has had alot of massage. I am also very sensitive. I feel you do need to be careful in spas because often those therapists are not certified. Depends on the spa. The key here is communication. I would just ask for a relaxation massage and you will not get into trouble that way. You do not want alot of pressure or you could end up in pain. Call ahead and ask what type of massage they perform. Have fun!!!

Pedicure should not be a problem. Just tell them you need a gentle, light touch. Ask for a person like that when you schedule your appts. Sounds wonderful...if it ever warms up where I live maybe I will even get my toenails done.....