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Thanks Sharon!!!

Posted by Pam S. on 5/15/03 at 09:06 (118820)

Your response was right on that I SHOULD have done all I wanted to do on that trip. I would have felt depressed staying in and saving my steps. Oh well. Actually, when I think about it, its not that I am not 'functioning'...I am doing housework, cooking, doing mom things with discomfort but I am doing it. I did pass on a 50th birthday tea (but I had that PT appt.) I REALLY did not want to STAND around for an hour in decent shoes yesterday. Do you blame me.

I think I will try the contrast bath today. Do you have any comment on my wearing the night splint? I am struggling with that at night. I wake up and my foot is burning like crazy where the sole of my foot presses against that boot. Isn't that odd? I have it on loosely also. I just have such skinny feet the nerves are right out there i guess. To recap, no real heel pain, just arch but she still recommended the night splint. My feet are very flexible and it is effort to get a good stretch. My whole body it like that. Typical of fibro patients.

I will probably have to work on this cream some more. Just like everythng else...right? THis is what they came up with but this Doc is new to trying this. By the way, the cost was 55. and covered by my insurance. I am not too optimistic.

Thank you. I am sorry Carman has illness in her family. How is Sharon feeling? How is Bev feeling? ALL OF YOU are just great people. Thanks for reading all my babbling. Is it boring? Bye for now. Pam

Re: to Pam...

Suzanne D on 5/15/03 at 09:34 (118823)

No, your posts are not boring, Pam! :>

I'm glad you had such a nice trip, and I hope any resulting tiredness and pain is soon alleviated. There IS something to be said for being able to still do things, even if we do have some discomfort, isn't there? I guess sometimes we have to pick and choose what is worth the risk. :-?

You take care, and have a good day!
Suzanne :)

Re: Thanks Sharon!!!

Bev on 5/15/03 at 13:13 (118858)

Pam S.,
I don't know if this will help you or not, Pam , but I got the arch braces from Footsmart.com and also the FABS from there for my arches. I wear the arch braces with my night splints to give my archs more support at night as my archs were hurting me too at night. I rub my cream on first,then put on socks, then put on the arch braces , then the night braces, then I am all tired out :)) (that's a lot of work) :o I wear the FABS with my Birks around the house to give my arches more support. Then of course we all have our New Balance and orthotics to wear if we go dancing, right /:)

Re: Bev, you sexy thing you

Pam S. on 5/15/03 at 13:50 (118865)

I am just laughing at how we all must look getting into bed at night. Once on vacation I carried one of those darn night spints with me with al the velcro straps. My daughters teased me the whole time about all the noise I made adjusting and messing with that in the middle of the night. My poor husband just rolls his eyes. Who could ever understand this madness but us!!!!!!!

I have the Footsmart catalog if I dare look at it. I am Sooooooo sick of it all. There is my phone Bye

Re: Thanks Sharon!!!

Sharon W on 5/15/03 at 17:48 (118910)


It sounds like you were able to overdo a bit without doing any long-term damage. BE HAPPY -- that is probably a sign that you're improving! (Or, maybe, it's a sign that new Neurontin cream is helping... no, maybe not.)

I definitely know what you mean about standing -- it's the WORST. I STILL can't stand it for more than about 10 minutes at the time -- and even then I'm constantly shifting my weight from one foot to the other! I have an e-mail buddy who is always encouraging me to get one of those Magellan stools that folds up into a 'cane' that can be hung on your belt or whatever. She says she uses hers whenever she has to wait in a line, or wait for a table at a restaurant, or any other time she can sit if she has a chair handy, but otherwise would be left standing.

Pretty smart idea, huh?


Re: Thanks Sharon!!!

Pam S. on 5/15/03 at 19:32 (118920)

I am probably too hard on myself and expect to jet around like a 20 year old. ( like my husband does...) Actually, that positive note makes me feel better, Sharon. I am not doing just TERRIBLY this week after all that I did. I am also happy because I had a big problem with fatigue with he fibro. I am doing so much better with that. Also, I have bladder issues have you heard of Interstitial Cystitis ? I bet you have. I just finished pelvic floor rehab therapy. Very interesting and it really helped my pain. I now only have to go once a month. Still have to watch my diet but at least it is better. So much to overcome. I had to drive an hour each way (poor me)

I do wish my feet would be perfect. But look how I have improved, right. It is just so important for me to keep moving. That is tough with feet issues. Should I try the swimming again. Yuk. The water was too cold.

I feel like I should be doing SOMETHING else to get my feet better. Maybe this is as good as it will get. Maybe I should just relax and do more yoga and give up on the pounding. Just standing in my kitchen can be hard some days. I just love those walks. Maybe 20 minute walks. What do you think?