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5 1/2 month post TTS surgery update

Posted by lauriel on 5/15/03 at 15:13 (118881)

I am finally making great progress. I can walk a great distance now with no pain. ( I just have to make sure there is someplace to sit and rest) I practically ran up 2 flights of stairs today, and I joined the Y last week and am doing 20 minutes on the bike with 10 minutes level 2 and 10 minutes level three. My foot still swells a lot after being on it and I ice it quite a bit which helps a lot. I still have to be careful about how much stretching and proper stretching I do because that can aggrivate it. I am also starting to get much better range of motion. do still have a problem walking on uneven surfaces. But now it seems the more I use it, the faster I am recovering - yea!

Now did it cure my TTS problem - I dont know, My symptons were nothing compared to most of the posts. I had intermittant electric shock in my ankle when I put pressure on it. (like someone sticking me with an electrice cattle prod) I still have it occasionaly but the shock is milder, the Dr says this is normal and it could take a year for it to go away as the nerves are regenerating themselves.


Re: 5 1/2 month post TTS surgery update

SteveG on 5/15/03 at 16:18 (118896)

Great news - don't try to do to much too soon