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Plantar fascitis surgery

Posted by Tanya E. on 5/15/03 at 15:31 (118884)

I have had heel pain in my left foot for over 3 years and have been undergoing treatment for about 2 years. I am a 29 year old female. I have had 3 cortisone shots and recently finished 3 weeks of PT. I currently stretch, ice, and wear a night splint. My doctor has made it pretty clear that he is out of options for me and the pain, although better, is still bad enough to take my breath away at times.
I am slightly overweight and 3 weeks ago joined a health club to try and get some pounds off. Of course, this is a catch 22, exercise reinjures the foot but I need exercise to get weight off. Swimming is out of the question and I am not a fan of biking. My doctor says the good benefits outweight the bad and keep doing it. So, my first question is, am I better off exercising or not?
He has suggested surgery and I have read bad and good on the internet and am just not sure if it is worth trying. I know the surgery itself isn't much but the recovery is quite long and painful. I have never had a cast or been on crutches and, obviously, the thought is not appealing. My second question is one I'm sure many ask, do the pros of the surgery outweigh the cons?
Thanks for any light you can shed on this for me. Tanya E.

Re: Plantar fascitis surgery

dave r on 5/15/03 at 15:49 (118886)

I can tell you that there are many people that have surgery. Either by eswt or by the tradional go under the knife procedure.The doctors here will tell you that eswt should be considered first. Its a noninvasive procedure. If you decide to go under the knife make sure you have a very skilled surgeon. There are many people who have had failed surgeries. there are many that have had great surgeries. I personally had surgery in Feb of this year. It was a cake walk. I hurt for two days. I had a cast on for two weeks. I was back in my tennis shoes in three weeks. It was alot easier than i thought that it was going to be....

Re: Plantar fascitis surgery

Tanya E. on 5/15/03 at 15:56 (118888)

Did you have eswt or go under the knife? Are you pain free now?

Re: Plantar fascitis surgery

dave r on 5/15/03 at 16:02 (118890)

Yes, i have had both. I have to go now but i will add to this tomorrow....

Re: Plantar fascitis surgery

SteveG on 5/15/03 at 16:10 (118892)

ESWT should definitely be considered before you consider surgery. Surgery has the risk of complications and it does not have a very high success rate. In fact, I am surprised that your pod has not mentioned this to you. As for the exercise, you should, I think, give biking a try. It may not be a form of exercise you enjoy, but it is easier on your feet and will help take weight off.

Re: Plantar fascitis surgery

Dr. David S. Wander on 5/15/03 at 19:09 (118918)

ESWT should definitely be utilized prior to considering surgery. ESWT is non invasive and has minimal side effects, and almost no 'down' time. Surgery can result in serious complications, many of which are very difficult to correct. In my practice, I will not even attempt surgery on a patient unless ESWT was utilized first. Email me at (email removed) and I'll be happy to send you information on ESWT.

Re: Plantar fascitis surgery

Ed Davis, DPM on 5/15/03 at 23:32 (118936)

You did not mention orthotics -- it is one of the fundamental conservative treatments for PF.

Re: Plantar fascitis surgery

Tanya E. on 5/16/03 at 08:03 (118945)

Sorry, I forgot that. I do have custom made orthotics also.