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Posted by kay on 5/15/03 at 20:30 (118922)

I am scheduled for a Functional Capacity Evaluation next week. My doctor decided he wanted this when I gave him my disability papers from the company I work(ed) for.
I feel like he thinks I am faking it or something....to get the crummy 420 a month I have coming from where I worked for the last 16 years. If the company had a sit down job for me I'd be more than happy to go back to work. After all going back to school at 47 is not my idea of fun.
Not a happy camper here.

How do the Physical Therapist weed out all those fakes from the people who are really in pain? Those kind of people are the ones making it hard on the rest of us who really do have problems.

Re: fce

Bev on 5/16/03 at 13:20 (119007)


I have not heard of the FCE test before , what are you having it for? What are you out of work for? Do you have PF or what are your Symptoms? Have you seen a doctor for this as yet?

Re: fce

Sharon W on 5/16/03 at 14:49 (119021)

Yes, me too, I'm interested in finding out what a FCE functional capacity test is like, and what it can show or 'prove'.

I am skeptical about anything that seems designed to prove how much a person can do or not do -- I don't know about you but I am able to do a lot sometimes, and other times I have trouble walking. How could a test like that know what your condition would be like at another moment, on another day, or at a different time of day?

Or am I completely misunderstanding what this is??


Re: fce

Sharon W on 5/16/03 at 15:46 (119027)


You wrote: 'How do the Physical Therapist weed out all those fakes from the people who are really in pain? Those kind of people are the ones making it hard on the rest of us who really do have problems.'

I used to think there were a whole lot of 'fakers' out there, people who have somehow gotten themselves labelled 'diasbled' and are getting benefits and government assistance that they don't deserve. I no longer think that. It's VERY difficult to get, and maintain, disabled status, and even HARDER to get something paid for by workmen's comp. I think the real truth is, there are a whole lot of people with 'invisible' pain of one type or another, and the public perceives most of us as 'slackers' or 'fakes'. They assume that we are lazy and trying to get something for nothing. In fact some people seem to automatically make the assumption that you are a 'moocher,' even if you aren't getting any kind of disability payments.

This is with ANYONE who says they have quit working because of a health problem. (OK, maybe if it's explained to them that the problem is CANCER, they'll be more sympathetic... but not if you explain that your feet really hurt!)


Re: fce

Bev on 5/16/03 at 17:27 (119037)

Fay and Sharon,
I was wondering the same thing, as I vary also as to how I feel and as to what I can do. Some days are better than others. Some days I can walk fairly well, other days I have to hold onto things to be able to walk at all, other days I trip over a hair on the floor .So how does one evaluate that with the FCE test ? As you stated, though , Sharon, maybe it is something different than we think it is. Fay will have to enlighten us . :)

Re: fce

Bev on 5/16/03 at 17:29 (119038)

Sorry - I wrote Fay instead of Kay Sorry :(

Re: For Bev

Sharon W on 5/16/03 at 18:22 (119039)


One of my complaints was that my podiatrist only saw patients in the morning, and that was my BEST time of day -- my PF and TTS always seemed much worse in the afternoon/evening/ night. So, she would examine me and I would say, 'I don't feel too bad right now' -- then that same afternoon, my feet would be KILLING me!!