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Posted by JoAnn M on 5/16/03 at 19:12 (119042)

Well,I went to doctor on Tuesday to get stitches out from tts/pf release on 4-29.He told me they were not ready,so I will get them out this Tuesday,21 days after surgery(i hope).I never knew anyone who had stitches so long for anything,is this normal?While my dressings were off,I counted them,seems to be 35!stitches.Still have some bruising on bottom of foot,doc says its ok.my foot feels ok,still get a lot of pain inside ankle. Am a little depressed,would like to take a real shower!Will keep you posted.


Ed Davis, DPM on 5/17/03 at 17:58 (119132)

The time to take out sutures is when your skin has healed with enough strength not to separate when the sutures are taken out. Doctors look at the incision, not the calender. That being said, 3 weeks would be at the upper level of normal to leave sutures in so if the sutures are not ready for removal in another week I would ask if there are any reasons that healing may be delayed -- infection, excess swelling, smoking, nutritional issues...


JoAnn M on 5/17/03 at 20:22 (119146)

Thank you for your prompt reply,that makes me feel much better.I have never smoked,have little swelling,but am overweight.Hopefully I'll get them out on this coming Tuesday.I feel very confident about my doctor(Dr. Blair Drummond of Shreveport,Louisiana),even though he seems young enough to be my son!This board has been a great source of information,you doctors who take from your own time to help are wonderful.I will be looking into ESWT on my left foot when my pf/tts release on the right is fully healed.Do you know of any one in northwest Louisiana who does this?If not I may have to combine it with a trip to visit relatives on the east coast.THANK YOU!


Linda P. on 5/18/03 at 20:09 (119217)

HI Joann,
I had a tts operation on April 30th, had my stitches out on the 13th, the doctor put bandaid strips across the incision for another 5 days...I just took them off today and had a real shower!!!!! I go to therapy tomorrow, and hopefully I will get some well needed encouragement on when the swelling will go away along with the pain and tingling in my toes and archway...I cannot put any weight on my foot at all with out pain...the swelling goes down if i keep the foot elevated constantly... once i put it down the foot begins to turn purple and swell up. How are you doing?? I am still in wheel chair and crutches...How bout you?? Thanks for any input....:) Looking foward to tomorrow and hopefully can get some sleep...OH! The doctor put me on celebrex, there seems to be more pain, and it makes me tired!


JoAnn M on 5/19/03 at 00:25 (119233)

Hi Linda,I know that shower felt great!I've been growing my hair to cut for 'locks of love',its now almost long enough to cut 10 inches and still be shoulder length,but the last 3 weeks almost made me cut it!I did not have a wheelchair,just crutches and my husband the first week,a 'boot' and a cane last two weeks.My doctor wants me to walk in the boot as much as I feel I can,he said it helps prevent adhesions.He called it 'flossing the nerve' I think.My foot swells some each day ,goes down at night.I still have bruising that seems to be better or worse depending on how much I use it.The inside of my ankle hurts quite a bit,I have burning and lots of tingling.I think it will be easier to sort out what hurts where after my stitches are out.I can walk for maybe 5 minutes in the boot,have not tryed any weight on it without.I can only stand for at most 1 minute,walking is better.I have been on celebrex since surgery,until yesterday,it hurts more today without it.My doctor has me out of work for 10 weeks(I work on my feet).Will post again after Tuesday when I go back to doctor,thanks for posting,think positive and be careful!


Linda P. on 5/20/03 at 08:02 (119351)

Hi JoAnn,
Well, sounds as though you are doing pretty good...I started therapy yesterday, and I mentioned to the therapist about some draining from the incision area...I called the doctors office and was told to come in...I did not see my regular doctor...well....I end up coming home with a soft cast now!! I have never had any cast at all, and not even a boot! I am some what concerned that the open incision has been closed up. The doctor also told me to cancel my therapy for a week...I am concerned also about scar tissue building up also, as that was a concern of my doctor orginally and why she wanted to start the therapy asap... I still swell when i put my foot down, and have some stabbing pains and throbbing, and lots of tingling...sometimes it feels like cramps in my toes and archway...almost like charlie horses...I cant wait to get out of bed in the morning to eat so I can take my celebrex, even though I found Motrin to do the best job...but i will follow the doctors orders...I you are no longer on the celebrex give the Motrin a try, it really helped me. Hope your day is painless!!:) Keep me updated...Thanks Linda


JoAnn M on 5/20/03 at 16:40 (119405)

HI Linda,Well,got my stitches out today!Only a little drainage,2 stitches would not come out,doc said it was better to let them dissolve than to be to aggressive.I am doing well,he says all of my burning,tingling,and pain are normal.I will try the motrin,I didnt want any more meds if possible,I seem to depend on them to help sleep,better learn to get along without.I go back in 3 weeks ,no pt before then,he gave me a compression sock to where,said I can lose the boot tomorrow and try my new balance shoes,if it hurts,go back to the boot as needed.Strange how different treatment plans are.Sounds like you are having some problems,hope everything goes well from now on.


Linda P. on 5/20/03 at 20:30 (119444)

Congrats on the removal of your stitches!! Now to shower!! I remember when!LOL Now that i have this soft cast on, no more easy showers for me for at least the next week...I couldnt imagine putting on a sneaker at this point. My foot still swells up when i put the foot down. Does yours? I am back to keeping it elevated as much as possible, and icing...I have till next tues. then hopefully I will begin therapy again. Yes, I see the treatments are different, as you had a boot and all I had was an ace bandage...guess it depends on each individual and operation. So, you have been walking? I have yet to put any weight on my foot. Please let me know how you do with the sneaker. As for sleeping at night, I have used tylenol P.M.. The celebrex seems useless to me...but I will follow the Drs. orders...she did say I could take Tylenol with the celebrex. I, like you dont like all these drugs, but I figure one problem at a time...I only used 20 percocets in the beginning...then the next prescription gave me a terrible headache, so I just started with the motrin. Glad to hear the burning, tingling, swelling is normal! I also get a feeling, like a wave of electrical shock, and then a jolt of pain in the bottom of the foot...guess all the nerves are coming alive and revolting!:) Hope tomorrow brings you closer to a full recovery...Keep in touch!


JoAnn M on 5/23/03 at 18:51 (119772)

Well,I am 24 days post op,I,my doctor let try my nb shoes with a malleotrainer compression type sock,I manage for about 6 hours,able to do most housework,sit down and elevate my foot as needed,still have pain,burning,tingling,(I think I am one of those people with a high pain tolerance)I just dont think I will ever be able to go back to 8 hours on my feet!maybe,I guess time will tell.By the way,those of you who have compression socks,how do you launder them?Mine has a care tag written in german,its been about30 years since highschool german,so I cant read it!Is there another source for these?My doctor charged my insurance co $90 for this one,I would like a second one.Thanks to everyone for your support


Linda P. on 5/24/03 at 11:52 (119816)

Glad to hear you are doing so well, sorry that the burning, tingling is still with you...It seems as though it never will go away. I wake with the pain in the bottom of my foot, and get the ice going... can't wait to get walking again..need to get back to work! As for your compression socks, I had one before the operation, and you will need to hand wash, and air dry, as not to ruin the elasticity... Hope you keep on improving...have a good day!!!


JoAnn M on 5/24/03 at 18:16 (119831)

Thanks for the encouragement!Having a little more pain right now,my own fault,I went with my husband to the grocery store just for milk,forgot about standing in line!Not ready for that yet!


Linda P. on 5/25/03 at 09:26 (119874)

I think my set back was on day 14th when I went to Parris Island, S.C. to see my son gratuate from Marine Boot Camp...even though I was in a wheelchair and crutches, I believe the foot down most of the 2 days and not icing as I should have is the reason I am in a soft cast now. But I would not have missed that for anything!! That is the last time I have been out and about, cant wait till Tues, when I see the Doctor. Do you still keep your foot elevated?? Does it swell when you put it down?? Mine does, but not as bad.
Hope you keep improving, have a good day!!!