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For women with problem knees

Posted by Sharon W on 5/16/03 at 20:13 (119048)

I know there are several people here who've had problems with their knees, at one time or another, and I thought this might be of interest (to see the full story, click on the link; excerpts follow):


'Women who play basketball, volleyball, soccer and other sports that require jumping and pivoting are up to eight times more likely than men playing the same sports to rupture the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee.'

'The researchers concluded that, because women exhibited less muscular protection of the knee ligaments during pivoting or jumping sports compared to men, the rate of knee injury among women may be decreased by improving active muscle protection of the knee while women are training.'

'Voluntarily contracting the muscles supporting the knees stiffens the knees and may help protect the ligaments. The lower the stiffness of the muscles bracing the knee, the greater the load on the ligaments. That means that insufficient muscle stiffness increases the risk of damage to knee ligaments.'