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Question re: Feathersprings

Posted by Rose P. on 5/16/03 at 20:45 (119049)

I have heal pain, the Doctor says get Berkinstocks. I did, I still have the pain. I find them hard to wear for long periods, mostly because of the bump at the toe. I have worn them for several months now. I am wondering about Feathersprings. Has anyone found these helpful. Since they cost a lot I want to be careful.

Re: Question re: Feathersprings

Ed Davis, DPM on 5/16/03 at 20:55 (119050)

They are a prefabricated support that can be helpful for certain patients.
If you are willing to consider such a high price for a prefabricated support, why not obtain a custom one?

Re: Question re: Feathersprings

Rose P. on 5/16/03 at 21:01 (119052)

I think I would do well to consider more options. I hadn't heard of the two supports listed in this message board. I am not as badly off as many I have heard of, but I want to nip it in the bud so to speak. My husband also is suffering, but mildly. I had no idea it was so common.

Re: Question re: Feathersprings

Kathy G on 5/17/03 at 07:26 (119080)


My cobbler said that he can ground down the toe 'bump' in Birks. Maybe then you'd still be able to wear them.

Re: Feathersprings--Great product!

Ana Maria on 5/24/03 at 18:59 (119833)

I'm sorry to disagree with the doctor's posting to try custom orthodics. The problem with the custom orthodics is that they are hard, period. And hard is what hurts your feet. I have had Feathersprings for five years now! They have saved my feet! My sister and husband wear them too. I had a severe case of Plantar Fasciitis (PF) while I was living in Guam. I was on my feet a lot on a concrete surfaces (and not overweight). I literally did not walk for three full months. I decided that trying Feathersprings was worth the risk with their money-back guarantee (they did not work for my mom, returned them with no problems). All the custom orthodics I saw that other people had were just like a hard cast and not flexible. I couldn't imagine that my feet would like that since standing on hard surfaces got me in this place. The Feathersprings actually spring with you as you walk. They are so comfortable. You can actually wiggle your toes from your feet being supported by the Feathersprings, it's really amazing. You can even use them with sandals! My PF was so severe, I was ordered, by my doctor not to walk for three months! I believe I got better due to rest and icing (I iced 3 times a day religiously for 20 minutes for six months). At my three month mark, I got my Feathersprings. I was able to get used to walking with Feathersprings by following the instructions sent to me. Within 2 weeks, I could walk all day with my Feathersprings. You can buy an extra pair (at a greatly discounted price). The best part of Feathersprings is that you can buy them at the interest-free payment plan. This way you have not forked over a lot of money, in the event they do not work for you (like my mom's case). I thought it was better to take my chances FIRST with Feathersprings and a money-back guarantee rather than a hard, custom orthodic and with no money-back guarantee. In my case, another great thing with my Feathersprings, they have realigned my big toes in both feet so they are straight. I don't believe I will get bunions like I would have been prone too. I wear Keds leather tennis shoes in extra-wide width (JCPenney.com) as my official shoe with my Feathersprings. As my house shoe/slippers, I wear Birkenstock 'Super Noppys.' They are not like the normal Birkenstock shoes. They have those nobs all over the soles. I use them with socks. I love that it's like getting a daily massage on my feet. I do not have to wear my Feathersprings with this shoe. It is the ONLY shoe I do not have to wear my Feathersprings with. It's like the nobs support my feet and they aren't strained. In fact, my Super Noppys are so sacred to me, when I travel, they travel in my purse! I told my husband, 'I can replace anything in my suitcase in any store but not my Super Noppys!' You can find them at http://www.happyfeet.com/Birkenstock/birkenstock-massage.html
I hope you and others find this information helpful. Feathersprings and Super Noppy Birkenstock sandals are the two big reasons I can walk with no pain anymore--and remember, I was a severe case of PF--I didn't drive and go up stairs for nine months! Two days ago, I even went barefoot at the swimming pool! Ana Maria

Re: Feathersprings--Great product!

Carole C in NOLA on 5/25/03 at 09:11 (119873)

My custom orthotics are not hard. They have a thick layer of foam over a semi-rigid, semi-flexible base. They really helped me a lot.

Maybe you would have done better with a custom orthotic that is not the hard 'ice scraper' type. I am really glad that you have found something that works for you, though!

Carole C

Re: Feathersprings--Great product!

BGCPed on 5/25/03 at 16:04 (119893)

Well that is good they work for you, but I would not make a blanket statement about custom being bad. There are some out there that are bad. Your choice of shoes being KEDS indicates your foot doesnt tolerate much support as KEDS are one of the worst shoes support wise.

Different things work for different people. For example some meds work great for the majority but if a few get reaction to it, doesnt mean it is bad for all

Re: Feathersprings--Great product!

Rose P. on 5/26/03 at 15:07 (119963)

Thank you for the information. I have bought a pair of New Balance 1122 as that was suggested on one of these message boards. I can't believe I paid 206 (Cdn) for a pair of running shoes. But I must say they are very supportive and they seem to be helping. I am also trying the exercise routine. But don't do that as much as I should. I am going to wait to see if this clears up before going to feathersprings. I agree, with the money back guarantee I don't have anything to lose.
My daugher uses custom ortotics and she finds them useful. But I have to say I have heard a very mixed review of them and that some products like power steps or sole supports do better for the money.
MOstly I've learned is that the heel pain problem is individual, and what works for one might not for another. too bad.
Also I've heard from many people, that once it does clear up it doesn't come back. I hope this is true!

Re: Feathersprings--Great product!

Richard, C.Ped on 5/27/03 at 14:35 (120049)

Not all custom orthotics are hard. There are many many types of orthosis material out there.

Re: Question re: Feathersprings

Veronica P on 5/09/06 at 10:52 (198786)

My question with regards to my Feathersprings is whether I should be using them in my shoes when I exercise 6 days a week (kickboxing and toning). I started without them. Now I use them, but seem to have trouble keeping my balance when we do a lot of kicking. It seems as if my feet slide around. Am due to get new shoes, but don't know whether to find a pair using the feathersprings or not. My foot problem is painful bunions which rarely bother me when I use the feathersprings. Also need suggestions for how to find the best shoe as I do have narrow feet especially in the heels (and whether to buy some using my feathersprings or not).

Thanks for any help or suggestions.

Veronica P.

Re: Question re: Feathersprings

Nan S. on 5/22/06 at 15:50 (199634)

Well-just HOW Much do they cost???????? ballpark figure??? feathersprings. I wear custom orthotics but they are real hard. They are ok for walking but hurt if I have to stand.
Nan S.

Re: Question re: Feathersprings

Bruce P on 9/28/06 at 18:35 (211651)

If I remember right they were 20 dollars a month for two years. But that was around 6 years ago.
They've done wonders for me. I had some special inserts made up as recommended by my doctor, I put them in and walked half a block from home and I didn't think I was going to make it back home.
Then I saw the Featherspring add and because of the moneyback guarantee decided to try them. I now walk 40 minutes every day and am on my feet a good part of the day. My feet are still a little sore sometimes but I wouldn't trade my Feathersprings for anything.
I'm 68 and I know I wouldn't be alive without these supports.

Re: Question re: Feathersprings

KP on 10/28/06 at 13:16 (214452)

$20 a month for 2 years is $480. My mother bought them about that long ago and only paid $200. I just ordered mine and will pay about $240. It's $20 a month for 10 months, but I had to pay $40 up front. My mother, aunt, uncle, sister, and grandmother all have them and love them. I also have plantar facitis and hope this works for me.

Re: Question re: Feathersprings

Gail D on 3/04/07 at 18:59 (224127)

I have had my Feathersprings for 20 years. I get them readjusted every year. I thought at one time orthotics from a Dr. would be better. I spent $400.00 needlessly. I have the soft padding put on every year for $20.00 and had a heal spur cup put into the metal. I have been a waitress for 30 years on concreate and Feathersprings have saved my job.

Re: Question re: Feathersprings

John O on 8/30/07 at 19:33 (235235)

I was in such pain with Plantar Fasciitis and heel spurs etc and so unable to walk or enjoy any such-like activities that at one point I was literally pleading with my Ortho to arrange to have my feet amputated. As I said to him, there was a guy back then (early ninties) who had run several marathons on two steel pins for legs - and I could not even finish a game of pool or carry around my baby son what with the pain.
I too spent hundreds of dollars on custom-made orthotics, special shoes, recommended shoes, pain killers, injections etc.

In a fit of total temper and self-pity Io answered the Feathersprings ad that appeared with infuriatingly 'pie in the sky promises' in a magazine I got. I literally wrote to them that they should be ashamed of themselves for giving people 'false hope'

They wrote back promplty and pointed out that A) Their money-back guarentee was genuine and B) the hundreds of testimonials they had recieved from people like me who had bought the darn things.

I ended up ordering a pair and looked forward to the satisfaction of sending them back and making them send me my money back and 'vindicating' my righteous indignation.

Eating crow is never easy.

I went from being functionally crippled to where I was able to take a job about a year later that involved walking for up to eight hours a day. I was able to wear ANY footwear I chose for the first time in my life - from Cowboy Boots to Flip flops.

The Feathersprings lasted me untill a few weeks ago when they cracked - I have them it must be fifteen or more years. In that time I have hiked, biked, constructed, climbed and played soccer in them with never a hitch.

I sent them back to Feathersprings and asked if they could be fixed or is I should order another pair - meaning that I would happily pay for them.

They have just sent me the kit to make the imprint for a new pair to be made - and they are NOT charging me a penny.

Believe me - I am not normally the type to get all 'touchy feely' or emotional about things but these rather bizarre looking bits of shiny steel not only saved me from the most excruciating pain I have ever experienced ( and I include the huge Kidney stone I had to deal with a few years ago - my Doctor was pretty impressed with the amount of narcotic pain killers that he gave me while I was waiting for the operation that I DIDN'T use because compared to what my feet went through the Kidney stone was not all that bad) but my life was literally changed and I was able to go from a very sedentary and boring 'job' to an actual career where I get to travel etc.

If ANYONE has the miserable pain that only those of us who know it can relate to and they read this, I would urge you to overcome your natural cynicism, whatever history you may have of dashed hopes and try Feathersprings - and all I can say about the failures I see here is that those people are really unfortunate because I have steered umpteen dozens of people to Feathersprings over the years and never had anyone even lukewarm about them - they loved what they did for them.

In closing - I swear to you that I have no connection with the firm except as a customer, and I don't even bother claiming the small 'commision' they offer if someone trys them on your recomendation. The price is bloody reasonable to begin with and the option of paying it off over the year or whatever makes it equivalent to going to some greasy burger joint once or twice a month while paying it off - I have felt from the beginning that what I have gained from the people who sell these things is far far more than I could ever have hoped for so the heck with cutting into their pay-off.

Anyhow - thats my story and its all true. What more need I say?.

John O.

Re: Question re: Feathersprings

KathyS on 2/20/08 at 13:33 (243397)

I have had the same pair of Feathersprings for over 20 years. They ARE hard and I don't usually feel totally comfortable using them for more than a few hours at a time, but the benefits (eliminated or greatly diminished pain in the balls of my feet) linger long after I take them out of my shoes. It is better 'therapy' than going barefoot. I used custom-made inserts many years ago, but they didn't work any better than my Feathersprings and would only fit into a very few very ugly shoes; the Feathersprings are thin, light (I can carry them in my purse 'just in case'), and work in almost any shoe; I've even used them in sandals. I also have narrow feet (had bunions until surgery last year-- since then I rarely get the pain in the balls of my feet) with VERY narrow heels. Finding shoes that fit well, especially feminine shoes that don't tie up to the ankles, is difficult, so an orthodic that works like Feathersprings was a huge blessing to me.

Re: Feathersprings--Great product!

MPool on 7/23/09 at 23:06 (259076)

If it wasn't or feathersprings I would be wheelchair bound. I'm not kidding. They are the best on the market - all other products failed me. I have amazingly flat feet. It got to the point I could no longer walk due to piercing pain on my foot pads. I've been wearing feathersprings for over 30 years now - I still have my original pairs. I have one set for each of my shoes, tennis shoes, dress shoes, sandles, casual.

My Mom uses them for a sore hip. She was getting to the point where she could not take her nightly walks because her hip hurt so badly from just walking around durning the day. I recommended feathersprings and her hip no longer hurts. She only wears them in her day time shoes, not her dress shoes. I wear my constantly.