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An Update about Foot Trainers

Posted by Dorothy C. on 5/17/03 at 12:26 (119098)

Dorothy here and my face is red! After recent friendly messages here back and forth about using Foot Trainers, I find that I must correct my previous comments about the 'user manual' that comes with the Foot Trainers. I professed ignorance about 'Level 2 and Level 3' and I said that no information about massage came with my booklet. Well, this morning I re-read the ENTIRE booklet, something I have not thoroughly done since its early days with me. What a difference a thorough reading makes! I see the info. about Level 2 and Level 3 and I see some info. about massage. I stand - er, sit - corrected. What had happened was that I had made a photocopy of the original booklet (paper and very short) to take with me on a trip so that I would not lose the precious (original) booklet. (Yes, my Foot Trainers have flown across country!) I didn't copy the entire thing, but continued to use the copy upon my return. Anyway, red face and lesson learned. Sorry for any misinformation from me. Thank you to the Foot Trainer users who so kindly re-trained my reading habits.

Re: An Update about Foot Trainers

Ellen J. on 5/17/03 at 21:27 (119153)

Well, now I'll have to re-read my booklet since I didn't see the massage part of it. I do have levels 2 and 3 in there, but still have not seen the massage. That's great that you were motivated enough to fly your foot trainers with you! Did the security people wonder what they were when they x-rayed them?
Ellen J.

Re: An Update about Foot Trainers

Dorothy C. on 5/18/03 at 00:53 (119161)

Ellen ~ I wondered about the security issue beforehand, but if they wondered, I did not know about it. They must have scratched their heads about them - I did wrap my copy of the booklet around the Foot Trainers for the sake of explanation. As you know, they are large and only fit in a large suitcase on a diagonal. Maybe Mike Wilmot should make a short 'golf bag' for the Foot Trainers.. This was the first time I have flown since all of the security changes have gone into effect and I had many concerns; I had heard all the stories of having to remove one's shoes. Fortunately, I love to wear Dansko clogs; unfortunately, the metal staples in the clogs set off the machine and so I was put into the 'corral' - barefoot/sockfooted - for a protracted period of time waiting for one of the security people to check us all out. The 'corral' was crowded and people were impatient so I kept silently fretting about my sore feet, shoeless, getting stepped on. Etc etc etc. All went fine. Needless worries.
As for the massage information, there is not much. It leaves one with questions, but what there is appears on the back cover/last page of the booklet. The page's heading is 'Daily Self Care Rehabilitation Routine for Plantar Fasciitis' and then there are 4 #'d points. Point #2 is 'Self-Massage Your Toe, Foot and Lower Leg Muscles'... If you can't find it, I will type it out for you and you can print it out. But as I say, it's not a lot of information. What is there I will be glad to share with you if you can't find yours.

Re: An Update about Foot Trainers

Ellen J. on 5/18/03 at 09:38 (119172)

Hi Dorothy,
Thanks for your offer to type up the massage info. I went back and read the back page of the manual and there it was! I have no excuse for not seeing it before, other than the fact that it was listed after levels 2 and 3 so I had not gotten that far. I think I need to take more time to sit down and read through these things--oh well...
I didn't know they corralled people at airports these days, so that's a new one for me. I have not flown for 4 yrs due to some very intense volunteer work that involves rehabilitating injured and orphaned animals. Therefore I have not experienced the new security measures. If it happens again, I wonder if it would be effective for you to just sit on the floor in the corral. When anyone asks why you are on the floor you can tell then you have injured feet and that it hurts to stand without shoes on. Maybe they will be more sympathetic. I had to do that once while standing in line at the grocery store when my feet were really bad. It felt really weird to do that but I didn't have much choice at that time.
Thanks again for your help,
Ellen J.

Re: An Update about Foot Trainers

Dorothy C. on 5/18/03 at 19:33 (119211)

Well, as we all know - sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. I imagine that sitting down on the grocery store floor gave you a whole new perspective on things.
I called it a corral because it felt like a corral, but what it was actually was a separate, cordoned off area where the security people put the many passengers who needed additional 'checking' but had to wait for an available security person to do that work.
Glad you found your 'missing' Foot Trainer info. I understand completely what you mean about re-reading the booklet. I seem to find new information in there every time I reviewed this week! One takes in information as one is ready for it, I guess.
Take care ~

Re: An Update about Foot Trainers

nancy sc on 5/19/03 at 11:01 (119283)

Dorothy, Ellen:

I've also found it useful to keep re-reading that booklet. I had some uncertainty (and still do) about whether I'm doing the exercises properly (esp. 5 and 6) but the more I do it, the more I get from rereading the instructions. Another thing I tried was to print out the pictures of the foot/leg anatomy and match the descriptions of the muscles exercised in each exercise with the picture, then try to 'feel' the contraction in that muscle. This was pretty helpful, I think.

Dorothy, do you walk around all the time in your Dansko clogs? I have a pair which I've worn around the house for a long time. Last week I started wearing them outside and ended up with some pain in my arch. Are they the clogs with the back, or are they open back? If they have a back, does that hold your heel? Mine are open back. I love the insole, leather and very, very supportive.


Re: An Update about Foot Trainers

Dorothy C. on 5/20/03 at 02:41 (119345)

Nancy ~
I think your idea about printing out the anatomy illustrations/pictures to assist with the exercises is a good one and I am going to try that.
I also agree with you completely about re-reading the booklet.

About your Dansko question: I do wear them almost all the time; I do occasionally switch into New Balance sneakers, sometimes with an insole that I use as a replacement for the New Balance one, and sometimes with the New Balance insole. In the Danskos, I do several different things. I rotate or alternate clogs so that sometimes I use a size that is just a little snugger in the heel and sometimes I use the size that is slightly looser in the heel. They both feel great at different times. Although I have the Dansko clogs both with and with the back and love them all, my feet are most comfortable now in the clogs with backs (the Professional or the Palle). They don't work for me with a separate, different insole because, as you know, the Dansko footbed is permanently in place and adding a separate, additional one makes the clog too tight across the instep to wear. That has not been a problem for me because the clog itself is so supportive and comfortable. I do plan to try the Dansko shoe clog which as I recall is the Targhee model since I read on this website that it is especially good for various foot problems. As for your experience of having pain in your arch after wearing your Dansko outside, I have also experienced that with ANY shoe I wear, even the Dansko. What I do then as soon as possible is rest the feet, do some exercises/stretches/Foot Trainers and maybe switch shoes.
Oh, I almost neglected answering your question, 'if they have a back, does that hold your heel?' .. the smaller sized one holds the heel snugly; the larger size is looser in the heel but still feels plenty secure and supportive. I know that is not extremely clear but hope it is somewhat helpful. My husband - as do many other people- thinks the SAS brand of shoes is great for foot problems so I may give them a try sometime. Long-winded answer - but then, I guess I'm long-winded!
Best wishes ~

Re: An Update about Foot Trainers

Dorothy C. on 5/20/03 at 02:44 (119346)

Correction to my previous note: I should have typed: '...clogs both with and WITHOUT the back...' sorry.

Re: An Update about Foot Trainers

nancy sc on 5/20/03 at 10:34 (119369)


Thanks for the info on Dansko. Even though my PF is pretty well gone, I still can't just wear shoes I'm unaccustomed to for any length of time. I'd been wearing a pair of Mephistos (a loafer-type shoe with a wedge heel) that were great for keeping the stress off the arch. The Danskos felt so good around the house that I ventured out in them for several days in a row (I live in NYC so venturing out means walking long distances on concrete) and ended up with soreness in the arch from that. Now I'm back in the Mephistos and will have to phase in the Danksos for walking outside.

Just bought a new pair of Dansko clog-type sandals called 'Liv'. Incredibly comfortable but I've only worn them inside so far. They have a much more cushiony-feeling insole than the Dansko clogs.