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pain after ESWT

Posted by Jeanne S on 5/17/03 at 21:43 (119155)

I had ESWT done on 3/28 and was pain free for a few weeks. I have taken it easy, done the stretches, applied heat, etc., but the pain has returned somewhat. I have switched to wearing New Balance sneakers when walking outside (doing errands, shopping), but wear my birks in the house. I have days when I can actually walk for a half mile or so, but the pain always starts again. My doc says my good days will become more frequent, but they seem to be the days when my activity is low. He has ordered orthotics for me and I hope they will help. Has anyone else had this kind of recovery and improved after 7 weeks? I am becoming discouraged; it is better than before the ESWT, but it is definitely not cured. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks.

Re: pain after ESWT

Dr. Z on 5/17/03 at 21:46 (119156)

Much too early . It can take up to sixteen weeks. Sometimes a 2nd treatment is needed but seven weeks is too soon too judge your end result

Re: pain after ESWT

rekha s on 5/18/03 at 00:06 (119160)

hi there, I had eswt done on 3/27, and was doing good for a little bit...but recently the pain has returned....I am handing in there because I have had eswt b4 and sometimes it takes a little more time...

just keep up with stretching and heat

Re: pain after ESWT

Rosemary on 5/19/03 at 13:30 (119289)

Hi, I had the treatment done back in February. The progress has been slow- but overall it is much better. Up until this week I was unable to wear any shoes other than the NB sneakers. Just when I think I am not making progess, I have a couple of bad days followed by the best day so far. Happy to say that on Sat. eve I had to attend a dinner dance - obviously I really did not want to wear sneakers so I decided to go with a comfortable pair of two inch heels. I am happy to report that not only was I able to wear them for the entire event, I even danced 4 dances - and I wasn't crippled the next day. Sometimes it is hard to evaluate our progress because it is slow and at times erratic. Seven weeks is much too early - at week 13 I am still seeing progress. Good Luck.

Re: pain after ESWT

Jeanne S on 5/19/03 at 16:46 (119312)

Thanks to Rosemary, Rehka and Dr. Z for responding. I will try to be more patient and continue with heat and easy stretching. I notice that if I stretch too much or too hard that I have a bad day the next day. It helps to hear from people who understand what is going on. My husband is very patient, but I know he doesn't understand the pain I feel. Thanks. I'll be in touch. One more question, maybe for Dr. Z...if I am walking around or doing housework, etc, should I stop completely when the pain starts? Sometimes I continue awhile, but wonder if I am doing damage. It isn't always possible to get off my feet long enough for the pain to go away.

Re: pain after ESWT

Dr. Z on 5/19/03 at 17:29 (119313)


Which machine are we talking about ?. I have the one year FDA follow up for the Dornier Epos. The two machine in the USA that are FDA approved are the ossatron and the dornier. You can go to the web site http://www.iswt.com
They are alot of good articles. The problems is most insurance companies will only look at USA studies. So if you need the dornier study let me know

Sincerel yours

Dr. Zuckerman

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From: 'Pat S.' <>
Date: Monday, May 19, 2003 5:45 pm
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> Hi. I'm looking for any and all information you can send me
> showing the success rate for shock wave therapy in treatment of
> **heel spur**s. I have **heel spur**s in my right foot and my
> doctor is recommending this therapy; however, my insurance company
> has denied it (apparently, they prefer that I have surgery!)
> So.....I am appealing their denial and thus need any and all
> records, information, specific data, etc. to strengthen my case.
> Do you have such information you could send me? If you don't, do
> you know of other web sites you would recommend or other places
> where I can obtain such information? I would be ever so grateful
> for your help!
> Please either e-mail me at my home address
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