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Carole and Bananna Trees.

Posted by marie on 5/18/03 at 11:51 (119188)

Ok....Carole I bought a Bannana tree from the nursery yesterdayand I thought of you and your x-acto knife. I am going keep it in a pot so I can take it in for the summer. Can you share your expertese with these plants?

Thanks, marie

Re: Carole and Bananna Trees.

Carole C in NOLA on 5/21/03 at 06:22 (119469)


My expertise? LOL

The roots form underground 'runners' that allow them to spread when planted in the ground. That won't apply to your potted banana tree, but do expect many more bananas to sprout from your original one. They are very hardy and propagate like crazy. They grow to about 20 feet tall each year before it's time to cut them back. I would expect that since your bananas are potted, they may need fertilizer and a large pot eventually.

There is no need to do anything for the banana trees growing in my yard, except to cut them back when necessary. They get plenty of water here (we have 60'/year annual rainfall), and nobody fertilizes them. Last winter was unusually cold, with hard freezes, and the variety of banana that we grow doesn't like that. There probably are varieties that do, but the common banana that we grow here turns brown after a freeze, and raggedy after a hurricane. People cut banana trunks off about knee high in winter when the leaves turn brown or raggedy. They come back in the spring.

After they produce fruit, cut them back to the ground.

That should about cover it.

Carole C