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Dislocation of Tibialis Posterior Tendon

Posted by Sandy B on 5/18/03 at 11:53 (119189)

I fell and hurt my ankle and was told that it is a dislocation of tibialis posterior tendon.

1- can the sheath surrounding the tendon heal without surgery eventhough
I was to told that it is torn

2- Is there some sort of an x-ray that can show what really happened and
if the diagnosis is correct?

Thanks in advance and I would really appreciate an answer

Re: Dislocation of Tibialis Posterior Tendon

Dr. David S. Wander on 5/18/03 at 17:07 (119200)

Yes, the tissue can heal and an MRI can show the actual damage to the tendon. If there is a partial tear or 'dislocation', immobilization with a cast should be attempted prior to surgery, unless the tear or dislocation is severe. An MRI is extremely important to evaluate the extent of the injury.