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Plantar fasciitis surgery

Posted by april on 5/18/03 at 15:58 (119197)

Hi. I had endoscopic surgery on my foot 5 years ago as a last resort for plantar fasciitis. I had tried everything else first, including orthotics, cortisone shots, stretching, taping. My doctor said surgery would 100% fix the problem. It took over a year to recover and for my foot to be pain free and normal, but now I can say I am very happy with the results. I've worked as a waitress for many many years so I have to be on my feet all the time. Now my left foot has severe plantar fasciitis and I want surgery again. I have a new doctor this time around and he is hesitant to do surgery, saying that it can cause more problems and make things worse. i'm doing physical therapy now, but I so much want my left foot to be like my right foot. I don't want orthotics, splints etc., and I am willing to go thru over a year of recovery to have my foot like the other. I told my doctor about what happened with my other foot and he seems to think I was just lucky to have good results and that it often doesn't work out that way. Is there anyone else here who has had good results? I'm reading alot of bad outcomes and I wonder. Thanks.

Re: Plantar fasciitis surgery

SteveG on 5/18/03 at 19:57 (119213)

April - have you heard of or tried ESWT. This is a new treatment that might work well for you. You can find a lot of information about it on this board. I am glad you had good luck with your surgery, but it is a last resort