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About night splints

Posted by Kathy G on 5/19/03 at 16:19 (119304)

I am having a devil of a time with the pain in the calf of my right leg. I have PF in both feet but my right foot is worst and that's where the pain is so bad. I never experience any morning pain and my feet get worse as the day progresses. The calf often hurts even when I have no heel pain. Do you think the night splint helped you? There is no way I could wear one at night since I don't sleep well as it is, but I could use it while I'm relaxing or watching TV.

I use a tilt board but I am extremely flexible and have to lean way over to get a stretch in that calf. Before I found this site, I found that stair hanging really helped it but I probably did some damage to my fascia doing that. (They told me to do it in PT.) I don't know if a splint would help someone like me.

Any advice on types you all have had experiences with, negative and positive, would be appreciated. I hate to spend more money if it won't be helpful. As you all know, we could all build new homes for what we've spent on remedies for PF!:D

On the other hand, it hurt so badly today, after foodshopping and doing some errands, that I had to take a muscle relaxant and a pain killer. I don't want to spend the summer any dopier than I naturally am!!=P~

Re: About night splints

SteveG on 5/19/03 at 16:29 (119306)

Kathy - I have found that the splint is an excellent to stretch; however, it sounds like you are already very flexible, so I don't know if you could gain much more in that regard. You could consider wearing it while you watch TV just to maintain the flexibility you have. You could also try the Strassburg sock. I bought one recently online and it is a lot less bulky than a splint. However, it tends to squish my toes, so I am not comfortable wearing it all night. Hope this helps

Re: About night splints

IanJ on 5/19/03 at 19:36 (119331)

Have you tried contrast bathing?

Re: About night splints

Ed Davis, DPM on 5/20/03 at 20:19 (119441)


A number of patients cannot wear night splints to bed as it causes too much interference wit their sleep. I will have them try to accumulate hours during the day -- rest, reading, watching TV, sitting at the computer in addition to trying a couple hours at night. The N'Ice and Stretch is the easiest of all the brands to tolerate. One common mistake is to try to obtain increased dorsiflexion too fast. The N'Ice and Stretch will even let you start at less than 90 degrees and gradually increase the angle.

Re: About night splints

john h on 5/21/03 at 08:44 (119482)

I much agree Ed that the Nice N Stretch is the best of the lot. Scott sells these. Many people find that sleeping with their foot off the bed keeps your foot in a neutral position which helps. I do that often if I am not using a night splint. I also find that wearing a sock with the splint to be more comfortable.

Re: About night splints

Kathy G on 5/22/03 at 09:19 (119618)

Thanks, I guess that's the one I should try if I decide to do it. It's hard to know what sets it off. I assume it was all the extra walking I did while on vacation. I did take a muscle relaxant, up to twice a day, for a couple of days and it's so much better. Of course, that's only until the next time it flares up. It's so strange because my foot doesn't necessarily feel terrible on the days that the calf muscle hurt so badly.

Re: About night splints

Bob G. on 5/26/03 at 02:08 (119942)

I used to post a lot about how the nightsplint helped me. How to make it more comfortable, etc. Do a search under my name. I don't visit this site much anymore, so if you do a search you'll find many posts about my experience with nightsplints, s-socks, arch supports, and sleeping. Good luck!

Re: About night splints

Lauren M on 5/27/03 at 13:11 (120035)

Is it possible for the night splints to cause tendonitis in the achilles? My doc has me wearing one now for 6 months and I have devloped pain in the achilles which he swears is not related. Is 6 months too long to wear this?