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Heel Pain on Children?

Posted by Yvonne M. on 5/19/03 at 21:29 (119336)

My daughter is a healthy, moderately active 7 year-old. Her weight and build is normal for her age. Her feet have arches but she tends to walk with her toes slightly going in. She has been having heel pain for the past week and it would not go away. The pain comes and goes, but gets worse during gym and after physical activity. We have no history of heel pain in our family. I read about heel pain recently and am wondering how kids her age can suffer from it.
Someone told me it may be because she takes too much vitamin C. I do give her vitamin supplements regularly, especially Vitamin C because we live in a place with lots of trees and pollen in the hot, humid air. I make sure to stay within the recommended dosage, though.
Thank you for taking the time to read about my concerns.