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searching for mailorder source for LARGE women's shoes

Posted by Mary De on 5/20/03 at 11:51 (119377)

Hi Folks,

It's been a long time since I've visited heelspurs.com. My PF is *much* better, but I still have to be careful. For the past year I've been going around in the most godawful clunky, ugly (but comfortable) men's shoes. It's springtime and I'm shopping for some fem shoes at last. Problem is that I'm a very difficult-to-find size, 11 extra wide, with very high arches, and the bony top of my feet unusually high. AND now I have to fit my orthotics into 'em. Impossible, just spent a frustrating afternoon shoe hunting (I live way out in the boonies, so it's a big deal to drive into the city). Nothing fits ... except more clunky, ugly, lace-up guy shoes. Sigh.

Can anyone recommend some mail-order or web sources for quality women's shoes in BIG sizes, not too expensive? I'm looking for low-heeled casuals (maybe maryjanes), sandals, and in fall will be shopping for boots. BTW, Birkies have never felt right to me, my orthotics feel better and I want to use them. Thanks!

Re: searching for mailorder source for LARGE women's shoes

Richard, C.Ped on 5/20/03 at 12:58 (119382)

Check out http://www.propetusa.com/
I sell quite a few of their Mary Jane type shoe. I know they come in a size 11. They only go to a normal wide, but I have stretched them to equal an extra wide. They are also very lightweight.

Re: searching for mailorder source for LARGE women's shoes

Mahatmelissama on 5/22/03 at 15:45 (119675)


That'll keep ya busy for awhile. ;)

Re: searching for mailorder source for LARGE women's shoes

Dorothy C. on 5/22/03 at 16:55 (119686)

Another possibility:

Wissota Trader - 1-800-833-6421 http://www.wissotatrader.com
They say, 'Men's and Women's Footwear in Regular and Hard-to-Find Sizes'
and they show sizes from 4 to 13 and widths from AAA to EEEE.
They are in Chippewa Falls, WI and are a nice company, nice folks. They carry dressy, casual and sports shoes and accessories, various brands.
Good luck.

Re: searching for mailorder source for LARGE women's shoes

Mary De on 5/23/03 at 14:34 (119752)

Thanks, all. I'll check 'em out.

Hey Scott, this direct-email thing wasn't here last time I was hanging around this board. Cool, dude!

Re: searching for mailorder source for LARGE women's shoes

Suzanne D on 5/23/03 at 22:17 (119785)

Hi, Mary! Have you tried on the Annapolis Birkenstock shoes? I have two pairs and wear a size 11. (I wear a 43 in the Annapolis.) They are a Mary Jane type shoe. I normally wear a medium width in most shoes but had to get a narrow in these. Also they have roomy toe boxes and removable footbeds that give plenty of room for orthotics. I have a black pair and also a camel-colored pair. I have only seen the camel color on the German website. The only ones I have seen here or in catalogs are black and dark brown.

Good luck in finding some shoes you like and that work for you! %%-

Suzanne :)