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Got Me A Lawyer

Posted by Bev on 5/20/03 at 14:01 (119390)

Deed is done, got me an attorney working on the case so we will see what happens from here. The attorney said that it is usually normal for them to take away workmans comp after six months, then they hope we will just accept it and go away. But a few people get attorneys and fight it as I am doing, so soon we will see. He will start to work on it and when we return from vacation, he said for me to call him to see if he has any information for me as yet. So it will be a few weeks before I will know anything.So I am starting to kick butt x-(

Re: Got Me A Lawyer

Sharon W on 5/20/03 at 15:07 (119395)


Good for you!!! =D> :D >:D<

The insurance companies do 'play the odds'. They know that, as your lawyer told you, they can get by with a policy of taking away workmans comp after six months, because most of the time patients will 'just accept it and go away'. The few smart patients who DO get a lawyer and challenge that policy may individually cost them a lot MORE money than if they had just paid your claims in the first place, but there are so few who actually DO hire a lawyer that the insurance companies still come out ahead in the long run. I think it's a really crummy way to look at things, when people's health and sometimes even their LIVES are at stake... but in the end, insurance companies are in BUSINESS, and for them the 'bottom line' is doing whatever will cost them the least money.

With a little luck, Bev, you may come out a big WINNER, instead of just meekly accepting their refusals and letting those insurance jerks have everything their own way (as usual) without a challenge!

Way to go, Bev!!


Re: Got Me A Lawyer

Bev on 5/20/03 at 18:59 (119430)

I have nothing to loose, so if I do come out ahead then I will be able to afford to get the ESWT. If I do not come out ahead, then I will have to try to see if I can get the insurance company (hubbys work insurance) to cover the ESWT. I will just have to put my treatments on hold longer that's all. Until then I plan to go on vacation and then come home and plant flowers (if it has warmed up by June) , and not worry any more as it is just making me x-( and I don't want to be x-( , I want to be :D :D :D . Have a nice evening :) Bev

Re: Got Me A Lawyer

Kathy G on 5/21/03 at 09:42 (119496)

Good going, Bev! It can't hurt to try and as Sharon said, they're counting on people to just accept their rulings and not question them.

Where are you going on vacation? You deserve to relax and take it easy and yes, hopefully, the warm weather will finally come when you return!

Take care!:D

By the way, I hope you all have noticed that I've finally learned to use the smiley graphics without knocking myself off the website. I'm slow but I come around eventually!!:)

Re: Got Me A Lawyer

Bev on 5/21/03 at 13:40 (119520)

Kathy G,
I have only one siblig , and that is my sister(and hubby) in Alabama, so we go there every year to sit around her pool and her family and friends come over and we cook out, and swim, and visit all week and just R&R. We were there last Thanksgiving and she took us to Kenny Rogers Christmas Show, it was great, I always wanted to go to one of his shows. We just bum around and shop a little (if my PF feet will let me),and visit our cousins and other relatives there too. We have a wedding to go to also while we are there. We meet in the summer and do things too. We met in Nashville one year and did the tourist bit there. Last year we met in Covington, Ky. and did the BB Riverboat Dinner Cruise and gambling trip and the Northport Aquariaum and things . We just meet to spend time together. They do not come here to visit much anymore due to her husbands limitations , it is much easier for him to be in his own environment and in his own home. Wow, I sure do rattle on, don't I, sorry. Bev

Re: Got Me A Lawyer

Kathy G on 5/22/03 at 09:02 (119608)

Oh, that sounds like a lot of fun, Bev! How nice that you are able to get together so often. You don't ramble at all. It's neat to hear what everyone is doing and hear about life in other parts of the country! Have fun!:)