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Dr.Davis - other drs...I've a question..

Posted by Rachael T. on 5/20/03 at 20:30 (119445)

After experiencing PF for 2+years & undergoing several cort. injections & all the usual treatments including 1 ESWT - this morning - after less pain than ever on yesterday, I saw a 'red dot' (looks kinda like an insect or bee bite would look) on my inner heel in the exact spot where for months I have said there always feels like there is scar tissue right there or a knot in the muscle??? Well, this a.m., the red spot was visible, tender, & inflamed - but not sore like when I could feel a 'nodule' there for the past 24 months of PF. What is this? And, am I hopeful in saying that maybe it has finally reached its source of trouble & will now be progressively better? I am wondering if anyone else ever had such a visual....?

Re: Dr.Davis - other drs...I've a question..

Dr. Z on 5/20/03 at 20:35 (119448)


Unless you at one time stepped on some kind of object such as glass, wood I am really sure what you are describing. IF you are in much pain then before the treatment this is very good news.

Re: Dr.Davis - other drs...I've a question..

Rachael T. on 5/21/03 at 12:00 (119509)

THANKS!~Dr. Z - for your reply. I don't recall ever stepping on anything to make this 'spot' - & I am assuming that you mean anytime in my past too.....But, I did go to the dr's. today-as this a.m. when I awakened, the little 'X' spot on my foot had enlarged to a red spot the size of a dime. Yes, it is 'sensitive' - but not like the pain that I have endured w/ PF for 2+ years. The dr. didn't know what it was after much probing & examining....but he is fully aware of my 2 yr. stint of PF & treatments
including the ESWT that I had; here merely told me to watch it & if it grew larger - to come back....& at that time, I truly don't know what he'd do as I don't think he knew either. My latest orthotics made of Foot Management thru PT have been the best I've felt & I believe they're correcting me properly so that I don't re-injure myself....at least, this is my hope & only time & the mysterious PF will tell me for sure....I shall post once again on the 'red spot' as it progresses to a 'nothing' (happiness) or to a something-ugh!

Re: Dr.Davis - other drs...I've a question..

Dr. Z on 5/21/03 at 12:07 (119512)

If this on the side of your foot it could be your orthosis. So long as there is no infection and you are getting better post-eswt then give it some time

Re: Dr.Davis - other drs...I've a question..

Ed Davis, DPM on 5/21/03 at 21:17 (119581)


I don't have an explaination but will go with Dr. Z's. I have a hunch that the nodule was an area of enlarged, inflamed fascia and the red dot over it is a coincidental finding. Is the dot located at an area where a prior injection was given?

Re: Dr.Davis - other drs...I've a question..

Rachael T. on 5/21/03 at 22:06 (119587)

Thanks Drs....for your input & advisements.....The 'dot' - actually 3 dots that formed the X yesterday has grown to a dime sized red spot....to me, the skin seems sensitive there more than it actually being 'sore' -- I, too, wondered if I had an injection at this site....I am unsure as I had SOOOOoooo many cort. injections over the past 2 years. If it were a spot from the cort. inj....what outcome would that make of this ' now red spot?' Thank you in advance for your reply to this question & yes, according to its progress I will advise you.