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to Judy...

Posted by Suzanne D on 5/21/03 at 06:58 (119473)

Judy, after typing a message in response to your post about your home run, I realized that it was at the very bottom of the page and would soon be 'gone', so I am copying it here:

What a victory, Judy! Congratulations! =D>

I'll never forget 4th grade when the teacher wanted us to play ball at recess one day. I had NEVER played before (no PE in school then), and I literally didn't have a CLUE how to play. Of course I was first up to bat. By some miracle, I hit the third ball pitched to me and then didn't even know where to run! (I know this sounds ridiculous, but I really didn't!) The other team 'kindly' pointed to third base, seeing my confused look, and I was so proud to get there without being tagged! Of course the opposing side collapsed with laughter, and my team screamed at me. I was mortified!

That bad memory has turned into a good thing, though. Through the years of teaching, I have had numerous occasions to tell it when a student was embarassed about not doing well in PE. Of course my experience has always been more humiliating than whatever they have been upset about, so they feel better. And the rest of the class always laughs and then feels bad for me which makes a good opportunity to talk to them about everyone having their strengths and things that are hard for them, not making fun of someone who isn't good at something, etc. So, in the long run, it has proved to be a good thing.

But I still don't like to watch a baseball game to this day! :'>

Suzanne :)