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ewst yesterday

Posted by tammy s on 5/21/03 at 10:49 (119504)

I had EWST yesterday and so far feel NO pain. There is a small amount of nerve block still but for the most part I can feel everything. My question is how inactive should I be? My doctor told me to stay off my feet as much as possible for 7 days. Will it hurt anything to get up and make meals and do small things around the house? I feel like I can but don't want to hurt anything. Also he gave me some streching exercises to do and didn't tell me when to start them, is it to soon to start now? Thanks for your reply.....Tammy

Re: ewst yesterday

Jeanne S on 5/21/03 at 19:41 (119564)

I had ESWT 8 weeks ago and felt NO pain for a few weeks, but I was left with a limp from months of limping in pain. Rest your foot this week as much as possible. I think I did more than I should have the first week but we were in the middle of a move and I had to do some moving about. My pain came back about a month after the treatment...not the same as before, but a reminder of what it was. I got good advice from this site and have learned to let my foot tell me when to sit down. My limp only returns when I have done too much; listen to your foot. I got this way from a 12 hour day at a theme park, ignoring the continually worsening pain, thinking it would heal in a few days; it didn't! Be patient and hopefully you will continue to improve. Keep up with this site; it is helpful to know you are not alone! Take care and heal.
Jeanne S