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To Steve G and Bev

Posted by Rosemary on 5/21/03 at 13:09 (119518)

Steve - I don't remember if you are the same Steve I wrote to back in February when we both had ESWT within weeks of eachother. Was interested in your recent posting which stated you are considering a second treatment? Also, I do agree that those who are cured or feel better do go on with their (active) lives and don't post as often. I am an example. the treatment has enabled me to resume work, errands, daily activites with children and family. I have lost five of the twelve pounds I gained, my back hurts less (in part due to not laying around all day with the computer in my lap), I am back in the gym (upper body strength training only) and was even able to wear a pair of sandals at work today (no extensive walking in them), I still do experience pain in morning and at various times during the day, but it is not the debilitating pain of before eventhough I have this in both feet. Question: How long are you going to wait until the second treatment? RE: improvement - how much do you feel you have improved? Do you still have first morning pain and if insertional point is pressed does it still hurt?
Bev - hope you read the above. No miracle cure - but definately worth a shot, even if you get 50% back of your previous lifestyle.

Re: To Steve G and Bev

Bev on 5/21/03 at 14:02 (119523)

Thankyou for the encouraging post , I am so very happy for you :)
It is so great that you are back living your life again :) There definitly is hope out there for the rest of us too. :D Bev

Re: To Steve G and Bev

SteveG on 5/21/03 at 15:56 (119544)

Hi - Rosemary - I just had my second treatment at the beginning of May. I saw Dr. Davis at the 4 month mark and he said why don't we try a round with the Dornier (I was given low energy the first time). I still have some pain in the morning and at various times during the day. And I can still (at times) feel pain at the insertion point. I have not pressed on it, but if I did I know it would hurt. I would say that I am about 50% improved. Around the end of March I did some physical therapy for my knees, and I was not as cautious as I should have been - either the step exercises or the bike caused a major set back. However, things improved in a few weeks and I am back to the 50% mark. It's somewhat hard to gauge in that there are periods when I feel when I am pretty much pain free and there are other times (like now) when I am very conscious of both of my feet.

Another thing I noticed, is that my arches and the bottom of my feet feel lighter and more supple than they have in quite a while (Dr. Davis says that is from the fascia stretching out and returning to its normal width).

Like you, I go to the gym for some stretching and an upper body workout. Luckily, I have a sedentary job, so I have been able to work through this whole affair. I can do small errands - go to the grocery store, etc - without grinding my teeth. Like you say, the pain is not the debilitating kind I experienced in 2002 (take heart Bev). I have also lost about 20 pounds in the last year and it could be that the weight loss is also making a difference.

I don't know what your circumstances are - but I would look into getting another treatment if a) you have coverage or b) you can afford it. Often the second treatment is given at a discounted rate. My insurance company just rejected the claim, so we are in the appeal process. The fact that you responded to the first treatment is a definite plus in your favor. If you read a lot of the studies on ESWT they often note that improvement continues past the six month point and up to a year. So you can see where you are at in August before you contemplate another treatment.

I will get another treatment down the road if I think I needed it. I live in Seattle, so I can get zapped in Canada if need be. I made up my mind last year that I did not want surgery after reading posts like the following -