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Clarification from Dornier to Dr. Ed.

Posted by Pauline on 5/21/03 at 21:52 (119585)

Dr. Ed.
It would be preudent of you to research the facts about the Dornier Espos before you decide to mislead our readers with posts that do not present correct information.

Here is a reply that I received from Dornier Corp. regarding who can own their ESWT machine and are setting the fees for it. The post you fired off in response to the information I posted on ESPO's ownership was just plain wrong.

You should know by now that my research is done before I post.

I hope this will clear the matter up for our readers who seek the truth, what you claim to be providing but got wrong. Just because you don't know any physicians who own their own Dornier Espo's doesn't mean they can't as I indicated in my original post. Here is what the folks at Dornier replied.

'Yes, both private physicians and providers can own the Dornier Epos. Each physician/provider sets their own price for the treatment'.


Dornier MedTech

Re: Clarification from Dornier to Dr. Ed.

Ed Davis, DPM on 5/21/03 at 23:26 (119589)


No, there was nothing incorrect about my post. Private physicians CAN own the Dornier EPOS and I never denied that. What I stated is that few individual private physicians DO own the Dornier EPOS. Please don't distort what I posted. There is not a single private physician owned Dornier EPOS in the Pacific Northwest, to the best of my knowledge. It is too expensive of a machine for the vast majority of private practitioners to own and, as such, availablility of such machines is made possible by such organizations as United Shockwave.

Whether a machine is owned by a private physician, group, limited partnership or lithotripsy company, such entities can determine the asking fees but they are not free to ask 'anything' as the fees must be consistent with what the market will bear and with making a profit on the services offered (Economics 101). Many markets have the actual fees set by third parties. Sometimes, as in the case of Medicare (see my post below) those fees are below what it costs to deliver the service.

Obviously, you did not do your homework very well.


Re: Clarification from Dornier to Dr. Ed.

Don Scott on 5/22/03 at 03:50 (119595)

To all,
Again I seem to be missing the point of this web site. I thought it was to inform people on ESWT. America is not the only country using and observing this site. I am a private practicing Podiatrist / ESWT Therapist with my own *Dornier* EPOS Ultra.
In Europe and Australasia there are ESWT unit in the hands of private practioners and Companies.
There was a trail performed by a university in Melbourne, Australia back in 2002. I have looked at the results and there are so many mistake I do not acknowledge credibility.
I have stated before that a standard questionaire Pre and Post treatment form, setting out the precise parameters for ESWT, must be orgainised before treatment or research is commenced.

Donald Iain Scott
Podiatrist / ESWT Therapist

P.S. Ed are you on the west coast of the US - Don

Re: Clarification from Dornier to Dr. Ed.

Ed Davis, DPM on 5/22/03 at 09:07 (119612)


Yes. I am about 30 minutes southeast of Seattle, WA.

Re: Clarification from Dornier to Dr. Ed.

Ed Davis, DPM on 5/22/03 at 09:11 (119614)


Your perception of the purpose of the web site is basically correct. It is also a forum to debate the merits of treatment. Unfortunately, some have used the website to vent personal frustrations, and at times, to mount personal attacks. A number of regular posters have assumed the responsibility to protect the integrity of information on the site but have no enforcement authority. This is one case where a moderator in needed to step in.


Re: Clarification from Dornier to Dr. Ed.

john h on 5/22/03 at 09:42 (119631)

Actuall Ed Wendy and I can edit out or remove post. Neither of us have ever done this as when things go bad they usually resolve themselves in time. If we saw any vulgar language I think it would be removed. Compared to many sites this one is under control for the most part. I think face to face I could get along with anyyone here. I think Scott blocked out a couple of idiots a few years ago but for the most part we do rather well.

Re: Clarification from Dornier to Dr. Ed.

Ed Davis, DPM on 5/22/03 at 15:01 (119671)


The vast majority of posters do well. There are a few that, for some reason, just seem to want to start an argument. I have backed down from few arguments but feel that having to engage such individuals too often can hurt the quality of the board and cause potential posters, including those who may have things of value to contribute, to stay away. We have debated some of the crucial topics such as technology types, aiming of ESWT, access to treatment, etc. Vigorous debate is a good way to learn but name calling, character assasination or the intentional telling of untruths in order to obtain a response is deleterious to the board and should not be tolerated.

Re: Clarification from Dornier to Dr. Ed.

Dr. Z on 5/22/03 at 15:51 (119678)

Its ashame that a few make very difficult for the majority but that is life

Re: John

wendyn on 5/22/03 at 20:42 (119705)

John! Stop using my name! Leave me out of this discussion! I am sick!!