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Plantar Fibromatosis & Surgery

Posted by Jane G. on 5/22/03 at 12:17 (119655)


Recently I was informed that I probably have plantar fibromatosis (by an ortho. surgeon & podiatrist, and MRI - 1cm x 2cm x 7mm). My questions are as follows: 1)Does this type of growth typically keep growing? 2)Are orthotics a viable/statistically proven method for diminishing the growth? 3) Am I just prolonging the pain & discomfort, having to surrender to surgery in the long run? 4) Am I risking more complications by not having surgery? I'm in a quandary- afraid that surgery will cause more problems and I should figure out a way to live with this in my foot.

Thank you for your consideration and time.

Jane G.

Re: Plantar Fibromatosis & Surgery

Ed Davis, DPM on 5/22/03 at 16:10 (119683)


The answer is 'none of the above.' Plantar fibromatosis responds poorly to simple excision of the nodules -- there is a high rate of regrowth. Radical excision -- taking out the nodules with a large section of adjoining 'good' fascia has a lower recurrence rate but is more disabling.

Most of the nodules can be shrunk by injections of hyaluronidase and triamcinolone acetonide. Once the nodules have been shrunk, an orthotic may be needed if your biomechanics warrant it.


Re: Plantar Fibromatosis & Surgery

Jane G. on 5/22/03 at 23:07 (119723)

Dear Ed:

Thank you for getting back to me. This is the first time I've heard of the treatments you mention. My podiatrist only mentioned cortisone but I wanted to see how I would respond to PT first. It is interesting how starkly different each provider's approach is, making it more incumbent on the individual (patient) to be as educated about the condition,and treatment options,as possible. Thanks a lot for the information. I'll share it with the podiatrist.

Best regards,