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Uses of this website

Posted by Dorothy C. on 5/22/03 at 13:42 (119665)

Several quick points: First, a poster wrote today about the 'point of this website' which caught my attention. I did not realize that the point of the website was to inform about ESWT. I thought that the point of the website was to share and evaluate all the various treatments/symptoms/products that have people have tried or are considering. If the point of the website is focused on ESWT, then I have been misusing the website. Personally, that narrow focus would be of limited interest to me, although I do find the information about that treatment - as well as other treatments - to be of interest.
Second, I enjoy discovering a website or product that seems to be useful,have good value, and seems to have integrity/fairness/honesty.
I have mentioned a couple that I have found and use that fit that description because I have thought that others might find them useful as well. When walking about is painful or daunting, online or mail order shopping is a great help. So, today I want to mention a company that you may already know about but that I only discovered in the past year. It is Sierra Trading Post (www.sierratradingpost.com)and my personal experience with them has been excellent. They have limited stock and you may or may not find what you want there, but they often have very low prices and have great sales on top of that. Their policies are fair and they seem like nice folks. All that said, they are currently having a footwear sale and among the varied brands and styles they have available are Mephisto, Dr. Martens, Ecco, New Balance, Dansko, Birkenstocks, and others. All limited as I said, but maybe you will find something.
And today, I just discovered a new website that is apparently an offshoot of http://www.cooking.com and is called New Routine (www.newroutine.com). Cooking.com is a good company so this one should be, too. Anyway, this New Routine has several foot massagers/footbaths with and without infrared, etc, as well as other products. I have not done an extensive price search on these products since Dave M. mentioned his experience in his recent post, but New Routine's prices seem pretty good in comparison to what I have seen so far.
Finally, for those interested - as I was - in the Modellisto shoes (with the Tempur-pedic type insole), FootSmart.com has some as does Lifestyle Fascination (print catalog and online). Brookstone catalog has Tempur-pedic insoles/inserts and also Tempur-pedic slippers.
Ok! Long post. I feel like a shopping consultant today! Best of luck to all of you fellow seekers and searchers and hopefuls for improved conditions.

Re: Uses of this website

Dr. Z on 5/22/03 at 14:01 (119668)

Good point. The purpose is a general discussion on heel pain and it causes, treatment. As a doctor poster I will discuss any type of foot pain and what I feel it is and how it can be treated.

Dr. Z