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Dave R..... How you doing?

Posted by Marty on 5/22/03 at 14:57 (119670)

Dave, Any progress with the achilles tendon? I haven't seen you around for a while so I hope your outside enjoying the weather.

I have ran into a speed bump myself. The nerve under the ball of my foot is not cooperating at all. I would say it's swollen up about the size of my little finger. My pod thinks it will get better but it's going to take time. Pretty sure it has something to do with all the cutting that took place. Sometimes that foot feels better then the other and that's good.

Take care and I hope your out climbing mountains!!


Re: Dave R..... How you doing?

dave r on 5/23/03 at 08:18 (119735)

Marty, i am sorry that you have hit a speed bump. I can say that my surgery did help me. I am not sure if it has completely healed yet. It looks fine and i can press anywhere on the bottom without causing pain.I was unable to do that before the surgery. It hurt everywhere. I was very uncomfortable all the time. Now, i still have trouble with my feet burning some if i walk around to much, however i dont get that feeling of walking on a bruise. My achilles is still a very big problem. When that bad boy flares up i am in trouble. I saw a surgeon yesterday for it. He said that he would remove the spur from under the achilles, remove the haglunds deformity which is the size of a golf ball and do a gastroc recession.
To remove the spur from under my achilles he would make a J shape incision and detach alot of the achilles from the back of my heel. The gastroc recession surgery would also be done at the same time. He explained it to me in detail and said that that surgery heels very quickly because the area that is being cut has a very good blood supply. he also said that the achilles insertion area (where the spur is) can take a very long time to heel. Some people get over this rather quickly but for others it can take a year or two. I will need to give this some thought. But i can tell you that for the last four years i havent been able to wear a shoe on my right foot for a long time because of this achilles problem.
I would also like to add that my pf surgery has helped alot but i doubt if I will ever be able do what i once could. Probably because of the amount of scar and diseased tissue that i have. I guess only time will tell. I do wish that i would of had pf surgery along time ago but all my doctors kept telling me that it wasnt a good idea.
I am going upnorth tonight for a lengthy vacation at the Wisconsin and Michigan Border. We rented a cottage for the week. I cant wait to go up there and fish fish fish.......

Re: Have fun

Marty on 5/23/03 at 12:55 (119748)

Wow Dave, I didn't know of all your feet problems. I sure hope that you can get your health back. I feel for you ..... just thinking about doing the other foot at this point makes me stressed. I think I will only have the TTS done and that's after I try EWST for the heal spur. My P/N is really flaring up on me today so that's another thing I got to take a look at. Oh well.

Hey you have a great time fishing! I look forward to my trip to Powell next month even if I won't be able to do the crazy stuff my boys will be doing. Cliff jumping, Wake Boarding etc. This will be the first year I'm going to have to be the old man. My goal is to back into condition 2005!

Have fun,


Re: Have fun

dave r on 5/23/03 at 13:05 (119750)

Yep my foot is screwed!!!!!!!!!!! I didnt know that you have pn? Sometimes i wonder if i have it to. But i have yet to see a doctor that has ever mentioned it. What are your symptoms? Cliff jumping, wakeboarding, to be young again! My goal is to be able to walk a mile three times a week by 2005. Also thanks for the kind words Marty.

Re: Dave and Marty

marie on 5/28/03 at 14:21 (120176)

I hope the two of you heal soon.

At least fishing doesn't require standing up.


Re: Dave and Marty

Marty on 5/29/03 at 17:55 (120310)

thanks Marie. Are you still at the school? ... Working? A while back there was going to be cut backs right?

Re: Dave and Marty

dave r on 6/04/03 at 09:08 (120878)

Well, the fishing trip was alot of fun.Mary and I rented a cottage with another couple for the whole week. It was right on the water. Very easy walking in and out of the boat. thank God! Lost of sun and now i am peeling. I even burned the top of both of my feet from laying out in the sun.The fishing wasnt great but Mary and I did manage to catch about thirty walleye and a bunch of smallies. Along with a few hangovers! I didnt do any cliff jumping!Left that one for you Marty!