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Posted by Terri on 5/23/03 at 08:46 (119736)

Hi Guys,
Just wanted to thank the people who gave me their opinions, most especially Brain G. for the artical on Methadone. I have started taking the Methadone again. Only this time I am making sure I eat first. I am only taking it once a day right now and I went down on my Neurontin dose. I have been in a lot of pain lately. But I want to take it slow on the meds since I have such a low resistance to them. Maybe let me gradually get use to them. I have to work, I can't afford to feel dizzy or sick from meds.
I have looked into the info on RSD. It just doesn't sound like what I am going through. Only some of the systems. It seems it might be more like PN, but I am not sure about that either. I just know it HURTS!! Thanks again, Terri