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Planters Fasciitis

Posted by Debbie A on 5/23/03 at 15:25 (119758)

I have Planters Fasciitis in my left heel since September 2002 and it STILL hurts! Please advise the recovery time. I saw a Podiatrist first, he made me a pair of orthotics and gave me two cortisone injections which were unbelievably painful, he must have hit nerves. Then I went to an orthopetic surgeon specializing in feet, he said I needed a more supportive orthotic and I'm still hurting. I purchased a pair of NAOT sandals to wear this summer, they are okay. I walk approx 2 miles three times a week but want to do much more! Any suggestions or information would be GREATLY appreciated!


Re: Planters Fasciitis

SteveG on 5/23/03 at 15:31 (119760)

Debbie - read the heel pain book on this site and make sure you are doing what you can to improve. You might want to take a break from the walking until your feet improve. And, as I say, you need to read the book to ensure that you taking advantage of all of the treatment options. I am, by the way, not a doc

Re: Planters Fasciitis

Debbie A on 5/23/03 at 15:56 (119763)

Thank you for your prompt response SteveG.

Re: Planters Fasciitis

kelly i on 5/23/03 at 20:33 (119779)

I was recently diagnosed with this problem. I wanted to ask you if you have really itchy feet? Mine are extremely itchy, but the pain is too much to even scratch my feet.

Do you find that you have the same problem?