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Top of foot pain

Posted by angelas on 5/23/03 at 23:54 (119794)

I was hoping that TTS could cause pain on the top of the feet since it also hurts behind the heels and behind the knees. My pod said it could. Does anyone have TTS with pain on top (mostly where the shoes lace up)or have people been diagnosed with something else?

Re: Top of foot pain

Scott on 5/24/03 at 19:46 (119840)

Hi, I have pain on top of feet which from what I read may be called anteriot tts. (I could be wrong) I also have pain in the back of heels which my doc says isn't tts. He thought I had planter faci so I dont think he's much of an expert. May be from the caltaneous (sp) branch of the nerve?

Re: Top of foot pain

Ed Davis, DPM on 5/24/03 at 20:33 (119845)


True TTS does not cause pain on top of the foot because the entrapped posterior tibial nerve innervates the sole of the foot only.


Re: Top of foot pain

lara t on 5/25/03 at 08:43 (119871)

AT it's most severe I had pain on the top of my foot for the first several steps after resting (anything not using my feet). I walked very gingerly and then it went away. I tried very hard to observe my steps when this happened so I could accurately report the location of the pain. I couldn't do it - except to limit it to the top of my foot between the base of the toes and beginning of leg. The podiatrist said that was a common description of nerve type pain and it contributed to his tentative diagnosis of TTS (later confirmed with the NCV test).

Re: Top of foot pain

angelas on 5/25/03 at 21:55 (119916)

Hi, and thanks for input. It's a never ending quest to figure out what the problem is and how to treat it!
I've seen a pod. diagnosed TTS and surgery, a neurologist-TTS (though the Nerve Conduction test was negative) and soft shoes, and a ortho. surgeon who mumbled something about the Nerve test being a little off-and said 'there may be something else going on here.'
He is sending me to physical therapy for ultra sound, etc., which I will gladly try.
He didn't like the idea of surgery due to complications, scar tissue, etc., I appreciate his honesty. I figured a surgeon would always so go for it!

Re: Top of foot pain

rob on 5/27/03 at 14:23 (120048)

I have serious pain on top of my feet, swollen and tender with pain.