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Can a PF realease cause RSD?

Posted by JanaC on 5/25/03 at 22:21 (119921)

I have been a PF sufferer for four years and have had RSI bilaterally for three years. My arms have improved somewhat although I do have a permanent disability rating. I no longer take pain medication to manage the injury, just avoid the obviously pain triggering activities. However, my PF pain has not really reduced over the last four years so I'm considering having tried everything else. My chronic pain doctor brought up the possibility that the surgery could cause RSD and that I may be at high risk for it.

Can anyone give me any kind of statistics on that?

Re: Can a PF realease cause RSD?

Dr. Z on 5/25/03 at 22:44 (119927)


Any type of surgery and or injury can cause RSD. I have seen quite a few post pf releases that have led to RSD. Having surgery when you already have RSD can cause the spreading of RSD. I would never perform surgery or ESWT on a patient with RSD due to that risk