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german doctor

Posted by David G. on 5/26/03 at 14:42 (119960)

has anyone ever heard of a German homeopathic doctor named Dr. Hans Wilhelm Muller-Wohlfahrt. He treated the golfer Jose Maria Olazabal for his feet problems. he has treated others such as Steffi Graf and Boris Becker. The reason i ask, i have been suffering for over 20 years and NOTHING has helped.

Re: german doctor

Pete R on 5/26/03 at 14:53 (119961)

Yes, I know about him from treating british sportsman, particularly, Michael Owen who is one of the best english soccer players. Owen had problems with his hamstrings and back. A lot of soccer players go to him with their problems. Muller is the adviser to Bayern Munich soccer club as well. I have contemplated contacting him myself in the past but would imagine the queue is long and the cost high ! His treatment is sometimes unorthodox, particularly his use of injections and what they contain !

Good luck. Suggest you contact Bayern Munich in Germany as a first point of contact

Re: german doctor

Pete R on 5/26/03 at 14:54 (119962)

Should have said that he used the injections on Olazabel's feet who went from a cripple to playing pro golf again.

Re: german doctor

BrianG on 5/26/03 at 21:05 (119983)

Hi David,

If you go to the search engine Google.com and type in:
'dr hans wilhelm muller-wohlfahrt'
You'll bring up about 30 hits. I did copy and paste one for you. It describes the injections pretty good.

BrianG, not a doc

Cut and Pasted from the Internet:

Olazabal lines up a putt on the 18th green at the end of his practice round Monday.
Bob Rives/Chronicle
牋Olazabal walking on a cloud
Former Masters champion anxious to play after missing last year's tournament
Last updated Tuesday, April 8, 1997 at 1:39 a.m.
燨lazabal bio
By David Westin
Staff Writer
Seve Ballesteros had a familiar figure by his side Monday at the Augusta National Golf Club.
Jose Maria Olazabal, the 1994 Masters champion who missed the 1996 tournament with a career-threatening foot ailment, joined his fellow Spaniard for an 18-hole practice round.
''It磗 great to be here and I磎 just trying to enjoy the week as much as I can,创 said the 31-year-old Olazabal, who was out of competition for 18 months because of the foot problem.
The 39-year-old Ballesteros, Masters champion in 1980 and '83, has played his practice rounds with Olazabal since Olazabal's first Masters appearance in 1985. They went on to become a formidable Ryder Cup team.
A note of encouragement that Ballesteros put in Olazabal's locker before the final round of the 1994 Masters helped Olazabal to victory.
The bond between the two is so deep that Ballesteros sent a copy of the Champions Dinner menu from the 1996 Masters to Olazabal.
''I missed it a lot last year,创 Olazabal said of the Masters. ''It was no fun watching it on TV, that磗 for sure.创
There were serious questions whether Olazabal could play competitive golf again because of the seriousness of his foot problem.
''We thought there was no chance of him coming back and thought he was going to finish in a wheelchair,创 Olazabal磗 countryman Domingo Hospital said when Olazabal returned to competition Feb. 27 in the Dubai Desert Classic in the United Arab Emirates.
Doctors originally thought Olazabal had rheumatoid arthritis in his feet. About six months ago, however, German homeopathic specialist Dr. Hans Wilhelm Muller-Wohlfahrt diagnosed it as a bio-mechanical problem brought on by a lower back hernia. Injections that include iron, zinc, amino acids and shark cartilage have eased the pain and allowed Olazabal to play tournament golf again.
''I think it磗 great that he磗 back,创 said Tom Lehman, the man Olazabal beat in the 1994 Masters. ''I think what he磗 gone through has been pretty tough. To be one of the best players in the world and then have to take a break for 1 1/2 years is a hard thing. I think everybody in golf is glad to have him back.
''He磗 a helluva player and a super-nice guy as well,创 Lehman said. ''Both ways, you want people like him around.创
In four starts since his return, Olazabal has finished no worse than 12th. He tied for 12th place at Dubai, tied for fourth two weeks later in the Portuguese Open, won the Turespana Masters on March 23 (with a 20-under-par total) and then tied for seventh last week in the PGA Tour's Freeport-McDermott Classic.
''I磎 just glad that he磗 back and playing well,创 Lehman said. ''Obviously, he磗 playing awfully well.创
On Monday, Olazabal was walking briskly during his round, showing only a slight hitch in his step. He sped up even more after the round when a group of reporters tried to flag him down. He did consent to a short interview.
Asked about the strain of walking the Augusta National Golf Club, Olazabal said, ''it磗 going to be a little bit tougher than the rest of the tournaments I磛e been playing in. This is a much hillier golf course. Anyway, I knew that before I came here. I磍l have to wait and see. I will try to keep up with the pace.创
As for the state of his game, Olazabal said, ''my tee shots are the problem. The rest of the game is OK. I missed a few shots and a few putts. In general, the rest of the game is pretty good.创
Olazabal isn't the only golfer on the mend. New Zealand's Frank Nobilo, the fourth-place finisher in the 1996 Masters, said Monday that new medication he is taking has lessened the inflammation he's had in his wrists.
''For the first time in a couple of months, there is no visible swelling in either hand,创 Nobilo said. ''If you saw me the week of The Players Championship (March 27-30), it磗 quite amazing.创
Because of the wrist injury, Nobilo has played in just three tournaments this year, missing the cut twice.
''At this stage, I磎 really looking forward to Thursday for the first time in a number of months,创 Nobilo said.
Nobilo still sleeps with splints on his wrists.
''If I sleep at an angle (without the splints), the next day the wrists (are) a little puffy,创 Nobilo said.
Nobilo said he is trying not to become too excited about his third Masters, but it isn't easy.
''As soon as you go through the gate, you磖e up,创 Nobilo said. ''The hardest thing is to try to get down.创
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