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Did you all have a nice weekend?

Posted by Kathy G on 5/27/03 at 09:43 (120013)

Hope you all had a good long weekend! I am sitting here with mold growing on me.:D We haven't seen the sun in days! It has rained for part of the day for at least the last ten days, and the sun has shone only briefly. Our tomato plants need to go outside to be planted but the temperatures are ranging from the mid-forties to the low-fifties. This morning, the meteorologist gave a brief rundown of how many days we've been under the average temperature for this time of year but I had just awakened and kind of tuned him out. All I can say is, people had better not complain when we wake up and it's ninety and humid because after this winter and non-Spring, we should be grateful for anything we get that resembles a summer!

Despite all that, I had a nice, but quiet time. I really sound old but back when I was little, and Memorial Day was celebrated on the 30th, we always went for our first swim on this weekend. It was usually a short swim because the water was cold but we could still swim. Of course, my dad and I were well-known in our little town on a lake in CT. They claimed we were the first to go swimming and the last to stop! It was great fun!

This can't be blamed on global warming so maybe the weather patterns have just shifted. After all, we are definitely witnessing some very Seattle-like weather here in New England. Maybe it's flip-flopped!

Hope everyone had a happy and safe weekend and that the return to the real world isn't too traumatic!

Re: Yes, and found out some info about TTS

marie on 5/27/03 at 09:58 (120016)

Hi Kathy,

I had a great weekend despite the yuky weather we had. It felt like fall weather here. We went to the cabin for the weekend. It was beautiful out there. We had several campfires and just visited friends who alos have cabins in the woods.

Actually I spoke to a Chiropractor and his wife who is a massage theropist about my TTS at a late night camp fire party. I guess i have never really told them much about my feet in the past. But he is the first doctor that I have spoken to that knows more about TTS than me. He actually works with alot of TTS patients and has had alot of training in that area. He said he does a realignment of the foot that is beneficial to TTS. He also told me that most folks with fibromyalgia have had some kind of neck injury or problem....which was amazing because I had a horrible problem with my neck a few years ago when we were remodeling our house. His wife told me that she uses a product called Bio Freeze when she massages her patients with TTS. She is bringing me a sample the next time they come up...they live in Columbus, Ohio. So unfortunately they are to far away to make an appointment with, however I may go down there to have my feet cast for orthotics. He has had alot of success with his patients with TTS...although he warned that it isn't a cure. Have any of you gone to a chiropractor? Have any of you used Bio Freeze...not sure if I have that spelled right.


Re: Did you all have a nice weekend?

JudyS on 5/27/03 at 18:50 (120069)

Oh yes Kathy - I'm still stuck on the notion that Memorial Day signals the start of summer and I love it! In fact, I'm headed for my lawn chair, a novel and iced tea in just a minute :)

My husband and I went to his baseball tournament (the family that plays ball together......) in Las Vegas. It was pretty darn hot (we could've sent some warmth your way) but we had a terrific time with our ball-playing bretheren. John plays in an over-50 division so our friends are our age, with grown children so we're a pretty footloose and fancy-free group. I managed to lose only fifty dollars, we explored a part of Las Vegas we hadn't seen before (it's renovated downtown), and our room had a beautiful view so we had dinner in for one evening -not to mention being to tired from ball-playing to go out!.

Re: It rained all weekend! But I can't complain (NM)

Necee on 5/28/03 at 00:48 (120097)


Re: Judy

Kathy G on 5/28/03 at 08:31 (120117)

Sounds like fun. My daughter and her roommate went to Las Vegas for spring break. It was her first time there. She really had fun! It was neat seeing so many places she had only read about. They stayed in the MGM Grand. She kept mentioning the old part and the new part of the city; I didn't even know they had old and new.

Glad you had fun playing ball! Sounds like you have a fun group of friends! Please send some of that sun our way! It came out yesterday for maybe a half an hour and I ran outside and sat on the deck and read my book. Of course, it was only 62 but to us, that was warm. At least they say that tomorrow and the next day we will have occasional glimpses of the sun and it may even hit 70! It's going to be a very short summer!

Re: Did you all have a nice weekend?

Sandra D on 5/28/03 at 08:43 (120120)

Kathy, I can relate. I live in NC and have we ever had rain. We went through a drought for about 3 years. This year in April we had already had as much rain as we received the entire last year. We thanked God for the rain. Now we need to pray for a little sunshine. Sandra

Re: Did you all have a nice weekend?

Kathy G on 5/28/03 at 09:59 (120131)

I'm glad your drought is ending but I'll bet some sun would feel good! What would we talk or complain about if we didn't have weather?