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Posted by kay on 5/27/03 at 21:04 (120083)

Someone ask me to post about the Functional Capacity Evaluation. My doctor was reluctant to sign my disability paper for the factory that I work for. That really pissed me off because he had told me that I shouldn't go back there even if he does surgery and it helps reduced the pain. He said my feet were wore out, in his words but still made me go get the Evaulation. I did it today.

I am in so much pain now I could easily cry and feel sorry for myself.
Most of it of course I was on my feet. He had me to do these manual dexterity type things with my hands but I had to be standing up nearly the whole time. A little over an hour I was doing it and it was hurting so bad, he ask from time to time how my pain was etc. Finally I got to the point that I couldn't hardly do it right because it hurt so bad. Finally he told me to forget it and sit down.....by then I was in tears, which I hate to cry in front of anyone. god I hate my life.
right now I am fighting to get my disability through the factory.....when I get it......then what? There is no hope that nothing will get better......how do you do it? how do you live without being able to do anytbing? PAIN......

Re: I hear you...

michelleF on 5/28/03 at 20:44 (120218)

Dear Kay,
I do not know what the answer is. I ruptured my right plantar fascia on May 7th playing basketball. I can still barely hobble along. Today I have been crying off and on because today's cortisone injection has hurt my foot terribbly (it's the second one in two weeks). To top it off I forgot to get a prescription to renew pain medication and I should run out sometime midday tommorrow... at work... that should be fun.

Doctor say the rupture is healing, but it takes time... Three days ago my left foot started hurting in the same spots on the arch and heal. When I went in today, Doctor said that now the left foot is developing plantar fascitiis.

Whenever I try to go into work or straighten up around the house, I pay with excrutiating pain.

I've been a school teacher for twelve years and love it... but now I dread the thought of going to work and trying to teach. Teaching while sitting in a chair is about as effective as surgery with an axe- When I finally get home, I'm in so much pain I cannot deal with my family at all.

Misery loves company and believe me- I'm miserable so I thought I'd just add my two cents with yours.

Take care and good luck,