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Posted by Carole S on 5/28/03 at 04:46 (120104)

After 2 1/2 years of doctors I have been diagnosed with Tarsal Tunnel, I have been told that the surgery has poor results and I might end up worse off. I just wanted to talk to people you know what this is like.


lara t on 5/28/03 at 07:10 (120109)

Took about 3 years for me to get diagnosed too - and I was pretty miserable by the time I got diagnosed. The doctor 'gave' me a compression sock and it provided so much help that I pretty much only go back when my socks get worn out and I need more (they require a prescription so I can't just go to the store and pick up some more). I have modified my life some - quit tennis, karate, jogging. But it's a nice life.


chris on 5/28/03 at 07:44 (120114)

Hello! I had successful tts/pf surgery Nov '00. I have no pain and can do all the activites I did prior to be diagnosised with tts/pf.

There have been some people who have had successful surgery and many, many others that have ended up worse off after surgery.

You will find lots of useful advice and suggestions on this board.

Good Luck to you!


lauriel on 5/28/03 at 14:00 (120171)

Lara, have you tried ankle braces that are made out of material, I have seen several on a web site that look like they may help me. I had my TTS surgery in December, and I have hurt my foot a fe times because I dont have any ankle support. It sounds like they may work the same way as compression socks I got new orthotics to correct but cant wear them!


Carole S on 5/28/03 at 22:09 (120232)

Thanks for your comments. I had an accident and after some ankle surgery I have been left with TTS. The most difficult part is being told to seek pain management so I can learn to live with it.
I will read this board and learn what I can do to help myself.


lara t on 5/31/03 at 09:25 (120503)

I use ankle braces when I do my exercising. The braces are great for keeping my foot in the correct position (I think in my case that extending the foot causes the majority of problems). However, I believe the compression socks do something different (please correct me someone - if I am wrong). The compression socks I think work like a hydraulic system and help 'push' liquid (blood, fluid accumulation, whatever is around) up the system. So each may be useful for some people, but they do two different things.

ACtually, when I do my exercising I use compressions socks & braces. If I use the braces too much I get more pain from the braces and from altering my gait than I get help. Using braces for strenuous (not all that strenuous) exercise however, isn't too long.


lauriel on 6/04/03 at 12:37 (120911)

Thanks Lara for the info on the ankle brace, I think that is what I need now, since I was gardening and twisted my ankle, I am 6 mo post op TTS. I am keeping it wrapped now with an ace bandage to give it some support.