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Heel pain

Posted by Chris Z on 5/28/03 at 07:05 (120108)

I've had a heel problem only recently and it does occur in the morning or after periodically resting and then standing.I read about the planter facitis and probably have it.I also have that bacterial infection with my toe nails.How do the 2 relate .I know that your articles talk about a calcification in the tissues in the foot that could also be the cause of discomfort.My large toenail that not only looks bad but has that buildup of what looks to be some form of calcium unde the toenail,Hard,white and just a pain to get rid of and also deforms the toenail to an extent.Is it that hard of a stretch to think that whatever causes this degradation on the exterior of the foot could also be causing this problem on the inside.It has to be treated with oral medication because because its doing something (the bacteria ) so why couldn't it be building up on the interior of the foot also?Surprisingly i never had foot problems before.I had this problem with my toenail,right foot for about 5 or so years.I recently just started having this heel problem in about the last 5 months or so.On the same foot as my toenail problem.My left toenail just started having the discoloration and buildup within the last year and a half and is progressively getting worse .It 's not as bad as the right one but you can tell that the same buildup of calcium or some type of deposits are starting to occur and i feel that in a few years it will be just as bad as the right one .I hope that whsatever this problem is that its not related but i feel that somethiung is going on inside that if left untreated will just get worse with time.I'm going to have the heeel problem addressed asap but what are the podiatrics thoughts on the two different things taking place?Just a cowincidence or what?Any input would be appreciated.Thanks.