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conflicting diagnosis-TTS,PF,PM,PPN, MP...?????

Posted by carmen h on 5/28/03 at 08:14 (120115)

I urge anyone who has burning and tingling and stinging and prickling and pain and aches in their feet to look into all the possible neuropathies before accepting PF or TTS as a diagnosis. You could end up having some useless surgery that doesn't help and could really make problems worse.
I was told 2 yrs ago I had a BAD case of PF, nothing more. NOW? I suspect PN.
SO grateful I didn't have surgery as a quick fix and found other ways to handle the pain and discomfort.
Just a thought.

Re: conflicting diagnosis-TTS,PF,PM,PPN, MP...?????

Scott on 5/28/03 at 09:35 (120127)

Hi, I have been wondering how doctors differentiate between pn and tts in your feet. I have burning tingling pain in the tunnel areas of my feet but
seem to be suseptible to nerve pain also. So does anyone know how to tell the difference?

Re: conflicting diagnosis-TTS,PF,PM,PPN, MP...?????

carmen h on 5/28/03 at 10:19 (120136)

I only know that it is a process of elimination in my personal case.
I have had so many tests and seen so many docs in the last two years I am surprised I am sane.
AND I was the one to ask the doc to look at PN as my possible diagnosis...he seems to agree thus far.

Re: conflicting diagnosis-TTS,PF,PM,PPN, MP...?????

Ed Davis, DPM on 5/28/03 at 21:27 (120226)


There are several ways to tell the difference. Most forms of PF which are metabolic -- ie. diabetes, B12/folic acid malabsorbtion, ETOH, hypothyroid, will effect both the top and bottom of the foot. They can be tested via blood tests. TTS or L5S1 nerve root compression affects the sole of the foot. Nerve conduction velocity tests can help with the diagnosis of the latter.

Re: conflicting diagnosis-TTS,PF,PM,PPN, MP...?????

Scott on 5/29/03 at 17:28 (120309)

Thanks very much for the responses. Dr. Ed, the pain, burning, itching numbness and tingling, runs along the course of the posterior tib nerve. Worst spots are inside the inner ankles (classic tts area), a few inches above ankle, rear and inside of the arches. Also under large toe and along 1st toe bone. Also at the back of the heel. The top of foot is not as bad but runs top right top inside of ankle up the leg. 1st nerve conduction
showed slight latency in rt foot 2nd test 1.5 years ago was normal. Also have signs of nerve probs in other areas of the body. Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Re: conflicting diagnosis-TTS,PF,PM,PPN, MP...?????

carmen h on 5/30/03 at 08:17 (120349)

I say check out PN....especially since your problems are that widespread.

Re: conflicting diagnosis-TTS,PF,PM,PPN, MP...?????

Scott on 5/30/03 at 13:02 (120391)

Thanks Carmen. Think you may be right. But I've had blood tests for b12, blood sugar and arthritis panel, all normal. Also the symptoms are mostly in nerve entrapment areas. Latest is the armpits (lucky me) which may be a brachial plexas nerve entrapment. (nothing like self diagnosis). I have heard of people whose nerves get oversensitive due to a nerve injury.
like RSD or something. The problem with PN if they can't find a root cause which they often can't, is there don't seem to be very good treatments. So I'm tempted to try a nerve release surgery. One thing I know is I've got to find some docs who are more experienced. Take care.

Re: conflicting diagnosis-TTS,PF,PM,PPN, MP...?????

carmen h on 5/31/03 at 21:10 (120574)

Do not try any surgery until you just research this thing to the death. Surgery is NOT an easy fix...if you have several nerve issues one nerve release is a BAD idea and you probably have several nerve problems throughout the body...a release will do nothing for you if you have it done in ONE place.
There are ways to deal with PN....RSD is caused by surgery many times so if you are afraid of it don't jump into anything.
PN can go hand in hand with nerve emtrapments...so the 'latest' development could just be 'part of the big picture'.