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Breaking in Birkenstocks

Posted by Ron D on 5/28/03 at 21:07 (120221)

I have heard a few comments about how uncomfortable Birks can be and how hard the soles seem when trying them on. I have had a number of pairs of Birks and have to agree that they ARE uncomfortable, at first. I have also found the by abusing them with your hands you can aleviate a signifigant portion of the 'break in' period.

Simply bend and twist the sandal as much as you can for as long as you can, bending where the toes would regularly bend. I have reduced the break-in time (for me at least) from 1 week of regular wearing to a day or 2.

Just some thoughts, I hope it helps someone out there.

Re: Breaking in Birkenstocks

Pauline on 5/28/03 at 21:12 (120223)

Someone posted that wetting them also helps the break in period, but if you had any plans on returning them you'd have to write that off.

I wish they made a softer version one that's more soft than what they already call soft.

Re: Breaking in Birkenstocks

Richard, C.Ped on 5/29/03 at 13:19 (120283)

Thats true Pauline...the soft really isn't. The best thing to do if you are having trouble is to only wear them a short time each day...your foot will tell you when it has had enough. Increase sloooowwwllyyy each day until you are able to wear them without pain.

Re: Breaking in Birkenstocks

Pauline on 5/29/03 at 13:59 (120287)

We've always been told not to break in shoes at the expense of our feet, why are we making an exception in the case of Birks especially when not everyone will end up wearing a pair.

I think those people with medium to high arches do better with Birks and wouldn't it be to Birk's advantage to make a model with a softer lower arch for people with flatter feet?

Re: Breaking in Birkenstocks

Ed Davis, DPM on 5/29/03 at 14:37 (120296)


I tend to favor the newer Birk models with removable footbeds since the footbeds are modifiable and because the soles are mild distal rocker soles instead of the flat soles seen on the older models.