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RE: Low Level Laser

Posted by Mar on 5/29/03 at 13:13 (120280)

My pod found out about 'low level laser' used for athletes to break the pain cycle in chronic pain like carpal tunnel. He says there are no harmful effects, so we're going to try it next week. Anyone heard of anything like this? Mar

Re: RE: Low Level Laser

CatherineL on 6/06/03 at 12:48 (121149)

Although not many on here have tried it, thay are a great thing to try!!!

I've had several rounds of laser therapy. Its one of the new treatments out there and I had about 7 sessions of 5 min on each foot.

You feel ABSOLUTELY nothing... no warmth, no tingling, nadda. At about my 3rd-4th sessions I would have about 50% inprovement in pain, and by the 7th, the pain was almost completely gone.

I just found out last year that my pf has been due to and complicated by fibromialgia. So no treatment ever 'stuck', unless the fibro was under control.

So finally, after 2 years of pf pain and various treatments: cortisone, phisio, orthotics, night splint, etc, etc, etc... I have had the pf well managed since I discovered the combo of: fibro meds, cortisone injection, orthotics, laser therapy.


Re: RE: Low Level Laser

Pauline on 6/06/03 at 14:26 (121166)

Thanks for posting. This is good information and many people will find it helpful especially those with fibromialgia.

Speaking about that, how is an exact diagnosis made for fibromialgia? This could be an contributing factor for others yet they may have not considered it.

Re: RE: Low Level Laser

Mar on 6/06/03 at 16:44 (121198)

Catherine --

I had 3 laser treatments this week and didn;t get any relief. In fact after each treatment, the feet were a tiny bit more sore. My pod says that if there wasn't even a little bit of improvement, there is no point in continuing. I'll talk to him on Monday and tell him of your results. Thanks for your input and I;m glad to hear that you have things more under control. Mar

Re: Question for Catherine

Pam S. on 6/06/03 at 23:10 (121229)

I also have been battling fibro for the past 4 years. I have often wondered if my foot pain was part of this. In fact, foot pain was the onset of my pain ( which i promptly had surgery for) Need I say more. It took me well over a year to get over that - probably longer.

What is this laser technique you speak of and what type of dr. administers it?What meds do you take for fibro? Why do you think PF is part of fibro? I happen to agree but no dr has ever agreed with me. My fibro is under control for the most part but the foot pain is a chronic lingering problem. (It is for alot of us who do not have fibro)

I would really appreciate your response to this. I am very interested in improving my quality of life as you well understand. Thx Pam

Re: Question for Catherine

Mar on 6/07/03 at 07:30 (121241)

Pam -

When my PF wouldn't go away, I was tested for fibromyalgia, as my doctor thought that if i had that it might be preventing the PF from healing. Don't know if that makes any sense to you. The treatment for the PF is called low level laser therapy. My pod found out about it from a PT who also supplies the machines. He decided to get it on a trial basis for me and another patient. The PT has used it very successfully for competing gymnasts and other athletes. It is similar to an ultrasound machine. Mar

Re: Question for Catherine

CatherineL on 6/12/03 at 16:10 (121667)

Mar & Pam

The laser treatment I recieved was an over-head standing unit called a 'concorde'. That's about all I know... except if a few sessions have done nothing, I don't think another few will do much.

As for the fibro... It runs in my family, but never dawned on me for a moment until well into the pf. When all the test and treatments for the fibro brought no conclusion, I began speaking to my reg dr about fibro... I had made a possible connection by that point! lol

My calves were tight for many years. My muscles are often very hard. My massage therapist had suggested I get checked for it, and mentioned that my muscles were very tight... it never dawned on me that there were... that was just the way I WAS...

That ended up being from the fibro. I take 30mg amitriptaline/elavil at night, and 0-20mg of flexril/day. I have had to work upto those dosages due to the sleepyness/knockout effect of both of them... which isn't a problem anymore.

I know when the weather is bad, or I've done too much because my muscles get tight and I get muslce fatigue in a matter of minutes... then I take flexril. When my muscles are tight for a day or two... cuz I dont' want to, neglect to, or forget to take the flexril, then my pf starts up again. After 2 years, my pf has been 90% better since Aug 2002, All thanx to the fibro meds!

Hope this helps! you can email me directly if you have anymore Q... (email removed)