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Speaking of Anniversary...and GREAT news

Posted by Richard, C.Ped on 5/29/03 at 13:28 (120284)

Yesterday marked eight years that my wife has put up with me. I know that does not seem like much to some of you that have been married longer...but it is pretty cool to me. I guess those hypnosis classes finally paid off...Just kidding.

Now for the great news....
It looks like there will be another addition to the Graham household. We just found out that my wife is 14 weeks pregnant...wooo hoooo. Her due date is Thanksgiving day. Just thought you guys would like to know.:D
Richard...daddy again...Cped

Re: Speaking of Anniversary...and GREAT news

Pauline on 5/29/03 at 13:44 (120286)

Congratulations are certainly in order for both events. You'll have lots to be thankful for this year. God bless mom and baby to be. I'll keep all of you in my prayers. What happy news you've shared.

Re: Speaking of Anniversary...and GREAT news

Necee on 5/29/03 at 14:08 (120290)


What wonderful news Richard! May God bless you and your wife with a healthy baby.

Happy trails...


Re: Speaking of Anniversary...and GREAT news

Kathy G on 5/29/03 at 14:25 (120293)


What wonderful news! Congratulations to you all! May you both (because it's a joint venture) have a happy and healthy pregnancy!

And happy anniversary! Glad those courses paid off!;)

Re: Speaking of Anniversary...and GREAT news

Suzanne D on 5/29/03 at 21:01 (120319)

Congratulations, Richard, to you and your wife and daughter! May you be blessed with a healthy child.

Now some night when your wife is tired, you might try that chicken and rice recipe I posted for you a while back when you were asking for recipes! I remember hardly being tired during my first pregnancy but being decidedly more so 5 years later with my second one. I'm sure she would appreciate any help at suppertime!

Suzanne :)

Re: Speaking of Anniversary...and GREAT news

Carole C in NOLA on 5/30/03 at 07:33 (120344)

Richard, congratulations on eight years! And congratulations on your future new addition. Thanksgiving is a great due date. I had my daughter during the first week in August 1978 in San Diego, and it sure felt like a hot summer from my very expectant point of view.

Carole C

Re: Speaking of Anniversary...and GREAT news

Richard, C.Ped on 5/30/03 at 11:02 (120373)

Thanx guys! We are very excited!!
I am going to do quite a bit of cooking since she is feeling quite tired. Tonight...its steak, corn and asparagus on the grill. yum!

We are heading out for a mini vacation today...so I hope everyone has a great, pain free weeked!!

Re: Speaking of Anniversary...and GREAT news

marie on 5/30/03 at 13:46 (120399)

That's such good news. How many will this make?

And hey 8 years is wonderful...not many make it that far!!!!!!:)

I am going on 25 years...can't hardly believe it.


Re: Speaking of Anniversary...and GREAT news

JudyS on 5/31/03 at 16:29 (120545)

Hmmmmm Richard, this seems like deja vu all over again to me.....

Did you not have your first baby 18 months or so ago?

I think we should all be named God Parents.....

congratulations on both milestones.