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infrared foot mat

Posted by BrianJ on 5/29/03 at 23:12 (120333)

JohnH --

Did you ever have any luck with your infrared foot mat? Did it give you any temporary relief?

Re: infrared foot mat

john h on 5/30/03 at 08:44 (120350)

Brian I found the infrared foot pad a high priced heating pad. They made good on their 30 day full refund policy. As a deep heating pad it was very good but much to expensive. Just another of my many follies in search of the Holy Grail of PF>

Re: infrared foot mat - John

Kathy G on 5/30/03 at 09:36 (120362)


You could start your own website and sell your used merchandise and give Scott some competition! Seriously, every time I see a new gadget or read a new claim, I think to myself, 'I'll bet John tried that!'

Re: infrared foot mat - John

Pauline on 5/30/03 at 14:47 (120411)

Maybe an auction would be better. I'm looking for a fancy (pretty) pair of night splints to hang by the side of my bed. Something with color and beads I thought. Got anything in stock?

Re: infrared foot mat - John

dave r on 6/03/03 at 13:15 (120806)

Pauline, i can send you mine along with all the beads that you could ever want!