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Cyst between tendon and heel bone...any suggestions other than surgery?

Posted by Laura C. on 5/31/03 at 19:44 (120562)

I have had a ongoing problem for about 7 years. I keep getting a hard cyst between my achillies tendon and the heel bone. One Orthopedic surgeon told me that I have an unusual knotch on the bone and the tendon rubs on it and forms a cyst. He said I would need surgery to smooth out the bone. To do this they may have to cut the tendon which could lead to many months of healing and PT... I have 2 young children and can not be off my feet for that long. Any suggestions about how I can avoid the cysts.
They come about every 3-4 months and are very painful to the point that I can't wear shoes with a back, no sneakers only slid ons...then as the cyst grows, the pain intensifies and eventually it bursts and the pain is gone almost immediately...this process takes about 8-10 weeks.
I look forward to any info/ideas you can provide.