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too much discomfort for too long

Posted by TammyK on 5/31/03 at 22:19 (120579)

age: 43, in pain with heel spurs for last 3 years. Now diagnosed with the plantar fasciitis. Had cort. shots.....don't want to go there again. shot hit nerve in foot and from knee cap down was numb for 4 hours. I feel it only covers the pain. I need to have spur(s) and foot back in working order. I am a busy mom and now my back and other foot are hurting because of the way I walk in order to keep weight of of bad foot. The 'walking' shoes were a big help in the beginning. Now the releif is not enough! Any suggestions? What about the new shock wave therapy... or just go and have surgically removed? Please respond. Thank you for your time.

Re: too much discomfort for too long

Dr. David S. Wander on 6/01/03 at 09:27 (120600)


If you read the 'heel pain book' on this site, you will find that the actual heel spur is rarely, if ever the actual cause of the pain. There are many conservative measures to relieve pain without removal of the spur. Extra-corporeal shock wave therapy is an excellent alternative. Email me at (email removed) and I'll have some excellent information sent to you.