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PF release, post op problem

Posted by frostymom on 6/01/03 at 14:17 (120628)

PF release 5-23-03 traditional open method. Still lots of bruising on bottom of foot. Alot of pain and burning in ball of foot. Stitches still in, look OK. How long will all this last?

Re: PF release, post op problem

Dr. Z on 6/01/03 at 16:21 (120643)

Are you walking on your foot? I would get off your foot until you see your surgeon. The pain in the ball of your foot could be from transfering your weight.from the heel to the ball of your foot. If you are non- weight bearing it could be from swelling in the areas of the ankle causing referred nerve pain. IF I saw your foot I could tell you more. Sorry