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Hallux Rigidus

Posted by Marie on 6/01/03 at 14:38 (120635)

Dr. Davis

Thank you very much for your advice and help. I made an appointment to see Dr. Lawrence about my hallux rigidus. The soonest he can see me is July. One more question: Until I see him, my left ankle and foot have been swelling big time and I have an increase in hip and butt pain. Could this be from hallux rigidus? Even though I have been through a battery of tests, my primary care physician can't find a cause for the foot or ankle swelling. I hope Dr. Lawrence can find the cause. Any suggestions til I see him? I have just one choice see Dr. Lawrence or learn how to levitate?

Thanks very much,


Re: Hallux Rigidus

Dr. Z on 6/01/03 at 17:31 (120655)

There are tendons around the ankle that work with the big toe joint. They could be strained. In addition you could be walking on the outside of your foot which strains the ankle. You could use a brace called an aircast or go to the drug store and get an ankle support for strained ankles. It sounds like your big toe joint is in rough shape.

Re: Hallux Rigidus

Ed Davis, DPM on 6/02/03 at 14:27 (120736)


I believe that Dr. Z came up with some of the most important causes of the swelling. A stiff, painful big toe joint can significantly alter gait.

Are you planning on staying in San Diego long enough for an evaluation and the surgery or are you flying down only for the evaluation?

Tell him I said 'hello,' although he probably does not remember me by name.
I have talked to him at a number of meeting and conventions.


Re: Hallux Rigidus

Marie on 6/13/03 at 16:52 (121786)

Hi Dr. Davis

Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, but I just got home from vacation with my husband. When I was getting another bunch of x-rays together that Dr. Lawrence wanted to see, I ran into my old doctor who basically told me that I shouldn't go for the implant. He said he saw plenty that failed and that even he couldn't help them (fuse the toes) after they went ahead for an implant. He did tell me though he would be here to try to help if he could when I came back.

Well, Dr. Davis after thinking long and hard, I'm forging ahead to San Diego to see Dr. Lawrence and then have the operation. I will also say 'hello' to him for you. I really appreciate all the info and advice from you and Dr. Z.

In my mind I visualize everything going perfect and coming back and walking by my old doctor smiling and waving!.
Thanks Again! Marie