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Advice on baby turtles! Will need help naming them.

Posted by marie on 6/02/03 at 14:58 (120739)

I am adding some turtles to my backyard pond. One of my students brought me two painted turtle hatchlings. About the size of a nickle. Does anyone know about turtles? She also brought me a baby leatherneak (freshwater). Should I keep the hatchlings in a tank until they get bigger?

Names....of course I will need help from the board with names. Any ideas folks?

Re: Advice on baby turtles! Will need help naming them.

marie on 6/02/03 at 20:29 (120765)

Ok I took the turtles to the pet store so the owner could give me some pointers and tell me what kind they are. The two I thought were painted turtles are map turtles. They are toooooo little to put in the pond so I hafd to purchase a turtle ranch for them until they are bigger. But I still need some names. Yurtle the turtle was a suggestion.

Re: Advice on baby turtles! Will need help naming them.

Kathy G on 6/03/03 at 09:26 (120785)

When I was little, we had two turtles. They were those little green ones that are no longer available as they were linked to some kind of disease. One was named 'Clarence' and the other was 'Aloysius.' I don't even know how to spell the latter (you know, Al-o-wishus). One day my younger sister had Clarence out to play with him. She went off to do something else and left him ont he floor. When she returned, Clarence had disappeared. We moved everything in the big country kitchen looking for him. We ended up getting a replacement, whom we named 'Susie.' About six months later, my mother walked out into the kitchen and saw a turtle on the floor. She immediately started to chastise my sister about taking the turtle out and leaving him. My sister hadn't. The amazing Clarence had returned!

The moral of my story? Don't leave the turtles, whatever you name them, out unattended or you may add turtles to the ghosts that haunt your house!

Re: speaking of hamsters.......

JudyS on 6/03/03 at 11:41 (120793)

my then 9-year-old son had two hamsters. They were named Salt and Pepper and lived happily (we thought) in their little hamster house in his bedroom.
One morning he came crying out of his bedroom - he was just in misery. It took us a while to calm him down and get him to talk....
He said, in huge, gulping sobs.....'Salt ate Pepper'.....

Re: speaking of hamsters.......

marie on 6/03/03 at 14:51 (120814)

I had nine hamsters (all at the same time) when I was a kid. They are cute. But alot of work.


Re: About those little green turtles

marie on 6/03/03 at 19:31 (120828)

It is against the law to sell turtles under 4 inches in size. Young turtles are carnivorous, later they become almost complete vegetarians. some turtles have been known to develop salmonelia (sp?). They are often fed raw hamburger or chicken in captivity....that is how that get the disease. Those little turtles sold in dimestores were called sliders. You can still adopt them over the internet when you purchase supplies for them...adoption is ok. Selling is a no!no!

The sliders you had are humongous compared to these little map turtle hatchlings. Turtles can actually go for several weeks without eating. So it was no surprise that he was still alive. Your story reminds me of my cousin who had a 8 foot pet boa constrictor. She is a doctor now....she was an animal nut when she was a kid. Well her boa disappeared from his cage. They looked everywhere but didn't find it.On Thanksgiving day my Aunt went to the basement to warm up an extra oven before the cooking began. About 45 minutes later she went back down to put a casserole in. She thought she smelt something burning. When she opened the oven out slithered Charlie. A little singed but no worse for ware. He lived another 8 years.


Re: speaking of eating those who irritate you

wendyn on 6/03/03 at 20:36 (120834)

My brother and my cousin caught two frogs and put them in a garbage pail. Later we looked in the pail and there was the big one with the little one's legs sticking out of his mouth.


Re: Advice on baby turtles! Will need help naming them.

Necee on 6/03/03 at 21:50 (120843)

Aloishus is my father-in-laws middle name!

Happy trails....


Re: speaking of hamsters.......

john h on 6/04/03 at 08:20 (120868)

I had a pet turkey, small alligator (they were legal then),flying squirril,hamster,guinnea pig,dog,turtles,cats,fish, rabbits amd probably some other animals I am not remembering.

Re: Advice on baby turtles! Will need help naming them.

Kathy G on 6/04/03 at 08:21 (120869)

I've met two other people since that time when I was ten and named those turtles. Actually my sister named Susie; I named Clarence and Aloishus. At the time, I thought it was a funny name! Nothing personal against your father-in-law or anyone else by that name!!:D

Re: speaking of hamsters.......

marie on 6/06/03 at 08:53 (121105)

You seem like an animal person! Flying squirrils are very cute. They are so rare in the wild up here now. We have a pair that comes to our birdfeeder at our cabin. We haven't seen them this year yet but hopefully they made it through the harsh winter.


Re: speaking of hamsters.......

john h on 6/06/03 at 09:45 (121116)

I have not seen a flying squirril in many years. I do not know if they reside in Arkansas. It was one of my favorites and I had it for some years. My father was a Dentist. He put a gold crown on my cats front tooth.