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Hey Terry, How are you doing?

Posted by Sherrie on 6/02/03 at 15:08 (120741)

I'm glad to hear that your surgery with Dr. Dellon went so well. I have an appoinment to him on June 27th and I can't wait! I have tts in both ankles and neurontin and elavil hasn't helped now i'm on topamax and so far that isn't helping and i'm loosing my mind with the pain! I feel it in my big toe , it feels like someone is hammering a nail into both of my big toes I am totally miserable. Hope you are recouperating well and how long will you have to stay off the foot you had surgery on? Sherrie

Re: Hey Terry, How are you doing?

Terry D. on 6/02/03 at 19:50 (120761)

Hi Sherrie,
I'm still doing well two weeks post op. I have virtually no pain but am still on the neurotin and elavil. I still have no new feeling in my toes or medial sole of my foot but that will take some time.
Next Monday I get the stiches out and will start walking in a pool.
When you see Dr. Dellon tell him the wrestling coach and pull up champion said hi!
I am a wrestling coach and every year since I've been coaching (1975) I've done my age in chin ups for the team. This year I turned 53 and although I wasn't able to do them for the team this year because of my injury I did do 53 for my daughter as a practice run over Christmas. Somehow I told that story to Dr. Dellon and he was quite impressed.