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E.S.W.T. Success

Posted by Donna L on 6/03/03 at 11:50 (120794)

I suffered with Plantar Fasciitis for over a year. There were times when I thought I would never walk without pain or wear 'normal' shoes again. The thought of doing any type of activity after work was out of the question. I was following all instructions
and seeing little or no improvement. Even with orthos in my 'ugly' shoes, ice at night and several cortisone shots my heel was painful to stand or walk on and at night my heel had a terrible burning sensation. When Dr. Satoti suggested ESWT I agreed mainly because it was non-invasive. My experience was that after the first 45 seconds ESWT was almost painless. It has been 2 months since the procedure and the difference in my heel is amazing. The pain is about 10% of what it was prior to the procedure and improving steadily. There are times when I standup and walk with no pain at all. Sounds funny to someone who hasn't Plantar Fasciitis but if you had to think about standing up because the first 10 steps were going to be killers you would understand. ESWT has been great for me.

Re: E.S.W.T. Success

Scott D. on 6/03/03 at 12:07 (120797)


Thanks SO much for taking the time to tell of your successful treatment! While the overwhelming majority of patients treated with ESWT end up as successes, few take the time and make the effort to let others know. Best of luck, and of health to you!

Re: E.S.W.T. Success

JenL on 6/03/03 at 13:02 (120803)

Hi Donna,

Could you tell us more about ESWT you received -what kind of machine, and whether you had the classic PF symptoms before the procedure, what was your plantar fascia thickness shown by Ultrasound if you did the test?
Thank you!


Re: To JenL

SteveG on 6/03/03 at 14:03 (120812)

JenL - are you looking to have the treatment done? Are you trying to decide what machine is 'best'?

Re: To JenL

Jen L on 6/03/03 at 20:57 (120835)

Steve, I don't even consider foot surgery, so ESWT is like the last resort to me. Actually I am quite certain which ESWT I should try now, my doc. recommended the low intensity one -I posted two days ago in the ' ..atypical PF' thread about my condition. Well I still want to know as much as possible from people who received it no matter which machine. Someone else might be benifited from it too. Do you have anything to share?

Re: To JenL

SteveG on 6/03/03 at 21:58 (120846)

Jen - I was also involved in that thread. I have atypical PF and I have been zapped twice - once low and once high energy. I had the Sonocur in December and noticed about a 40-50% improvement. I was zapped with the Dornier 4 weeks ago, so I will see if I get an additional improvement with the latest treatment. I am with you on the surgery. If you have any questions about either of these treatments or my experiences with them, let me know.

Re: To JenL

Molly H on 6/03/03 at 23:47 (120852)

Which do you think was better the low or the high energy? What were the differences?


Re: To JenL

SteveG on 6/04/03 at 11:47 (120906)

Molly - that's hard to say since I only had the high energy a month ago. With the low energy you receive three treatments spaced a week or a day apart. With high energy you only recieve one treatment