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Z-Coil Shoes? and PF & Questions about PF

Posted by Sam on 6/04/03 at 18:18 (120967)

Hello - Gald to have found this board!! I have printed out the yoga streches and am going for the footbath!! Does anyone here wear the Z-coil shoes and have PF? My Mom told me about them and said that they might help with the pain. I wear Orthodics now and HATE them!!! They hurt worse when I wear them, I have already had them adjusted!! I have had PF I guess since Oct. , prob longer but just started with symptoms that would come and go and was not much of a burden untill Oct. Finally went to the Dr. in April and was diagnosed then. I am only in my 30's and have worked retail for years and was always on my feet but now I am not working and it seems worse. I hate those first steps in the morning, they are a killer. I bought some Birk sandals so I would not walk around the house barefooted. For those of you that go on vacation -- What do you do??? I am going in 3 weeks and there is going to be alot of walking and I don't want to be the complainer or party pooper! But I also do not want to wear SAS shoes!! Any ideas from anyone would be greatly appreciated!!