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immobile toes & sharp pains - what is wrong with my foot?

Posted by Janice W on 6/05/03 at 06:07 (121007)

Hi there - For the past few days I have been experiencing an intermittent sharp pain just below my second and third toes on my left foot. In addition, my toes are slightly numb, and I can only curl the big toe - the rest of them won't move. I have just started running in the past few months, and I run approx. 3-4 miles twice a week.

My doctor has eliminated a stress fracture and Morton's neuroma, and has suggested instead that it may be a joint problem which will require inserts. He has referred me to a sports podiatrist, which is outside the scope of my health plan, therefore this is going to be an expensive road to go down.

Does anyone have any ideas what would be causing these sharp pains and immobile toes and how I can solve it? I think I may pronate on my left, if that helps.

Thanks very much.

Re: immobile toes & sharp pains - what is wrong with my foot?

Kathy G on 6/05/03 at 08:21 (121015)


If you went to a regular podiatrist rather than a sport podiatrist, would your health insurance cover that? How about an orthopedic surgeon? Foot problems can be so expensive since most insurance companies don't pay for orthotics, inserts, etc. Maybe if your primary care physician could refer you to a practitioner your insurance company would recognize, it would at least save you some financial anxiety while you try to figure out what's wrong with your foot.

Just a thought. Good luck!


Re: immobile toes & sharp pains - what is wrong with my foot?

Janice W on 6/09/03 at 09:05 (121367)

Thanks very much Kathy - I'll give it a go!