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plantar fasciitis, due to club foot deformity as an infant??

Posted by gina l on 6/05/03 at 10:43 (121028)

when i was born, i had what doctors diagonosed as a 'club foot'..
my foot and calf was casted for a perod of time, and then my parent had
to perform physical therapy on me daily, etc..

over the years, with the exception of one other very short episode of
this.. i have not suffered from any foot problems..

my question is.. being my effected foot is the same one that was clubbed,
could this have something to do with my symptoms now? and.. if so,
are there different avenues of treamtment i should purse possibly, since
i have been plauged with this for a year now, and i am getting very
frustrated. i have tryed new shoes, inserts, stretching, heat, ice..
rolling heal on soup can, etc etc.. even 3 cortizone shots, to no

please help!

without good medical insurance, im michigan