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Broken Heel Spur?

Posted by Pennie K on 6/05/03 at 14:13 (121044)

I was diagnosed with a heel spur 3 years ago. I have seen it on my own xray and can definitely still feel the problems of it following softball games. 2 days ago, during a game, I hit the base and something 'popped' in my heel causing severe pain. Enough that I could not walk on my left heel, or on my tippy toes. The next morning it was xrayed by my PCP and found out that the bone spur had broken off. My questions are:

Is this possible, that your bone spur can 'break' and cause all this pain and swelling?

If this is common, do they normally remove that spur surgically?

I am 48+ hours out from the injury and still cannot stand on my foot. I'm using crutches to get around and was told that within a week I should be better. I'm considering seeking the 2nd opinion of a foot specialist. Your thoughts?